Exponential Medicine Synthesis Videos 2012

Exponential Medicine Faculty Synthesize their 2012 Presentations in these Short Videos

Exponential Medicine explores the intersection of rapidly developing technologies in health & medicine. Click here to learn more about the next Exponential Medicine being held November 2014 at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

Talks by: Marty Kohn MD, Russ Altman MD, PhD, Anne DeGheest, Ajay Verma MD, PhD, David Ewing Duncan, Lucky Gunasekara, Paul Grundy MD, MPH, Christopher de Charms , Alan Greene MD, Randy Scott PhD, David Hale, Jeremy Bailenson, Amir Belson MD, David Albert MD, Aubrey de Grey MA, PhD, Sheri Fink MD, PhD, Philip Low PhD

Synthesis videos from Exponential Medicine 2011 can be found here

Marty Kohn, MD: IBM’s Watson Supercomputer

Martin Kohn, MD, MS, Chief Medical Scientist, Care Delivery Systems, IBM Research, talks about Watson, the IBM supercomputer capable of natural language processing, and the role machines like it will play in helping practitioners manage the ever-increasing volume of medical data available.


Russ Altman MD, PhD: Drug & Data Integration

Russ Altman, MD, PhD, Professor & Chair, Bioengineering, Stanford University School of Medicine, discusses the therapeutic advantages to be gained from integrating molecular, cellular, EMR and population data to understand how drugs work, alone and in combination.


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Anne DeGheest: Workflow Management and Patient Engagement

Anne DeGheest, Managing Director & Founder, HealthTech CAPITAL, offers advice to entrepreneurs developing solutions for medical workflow management and patient engagement.

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Ajay Verma MD, PhD : Death by Design...

Ajay Verma, MD, PhD, VP, Neurodegeneration & Translational Neurology, Biogen Idec, suggests that we carry a biologic blueprint for death that may include “grim reaper” mechanisms.

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David Ewing Duncan : The Experimental Man Project

Journalist David Ewing Duncan, discusses his personal experiences with the technologies of personalized medicine, and touches on the implications of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and microbiomics.

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Lucky Gunasekara: The Future of Medical Education 

Lucky Gunasekara, CIO, Global Viral Forecasting Initiative, talks about the challenges of moving medical education away from a linear model and preparing student to solve, non-linear, exponential problems.

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Paul Grundy MD, MPH: The Transformation of Healthcare Delivery

Paul Grundy, Global Director, Healthcare Transformation, IBM, discusses the movement of medical practice from an “episode of care” model to the management of populations, and the emergence of the patient-centered medical home.

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Christopher deCharms PhD : Reading Minds through Neuroimaging

Christopher deCharms, Founder & CEO, Omneuron, explains that recent advances allow the “reading” of thoughts directly from the brain via functional MRI and other technologies

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Alan Greene MD at Exponential Medicine: The Long-Lasting Effects of a Child's Diet

Alan Greene, Founder, DrGreene.com, talks about the ways that what children eat literally shapes them – today and throughout their lives.

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Randy Scott PhD: The future of Genome-Based Testing

Randy Scott, PhD, Executive Chairman, Genomic Health, talks about advances in genome-based testing and understanding of cancer.

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David Hale Pillbox: PillBox- The Prototype Pill Identification System

David Hale, Project Manager of  Pillbox, at the National Library of Medicine, describes the Pillbox initiative, which leverages large, open, but unwieldy drug information databases to facilitate rapid, easy development of drug IT applications.

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Amir Belson MD: Development of a Robotic Colonoscope

Amir Belson, MD, CTO, Neoguide Systems, discusses his invention of the Neoguide colonoscope.

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Dave Albert, MD: Developing a Smart-Phone Compatible EKG

Mobile phones and diagnostic devices are merging to provide quality 
clinical measurements from anywhere. David Albert, MD, Founder & Chief 
Medical Officer, AliveCor, demonstrates the AliveCor 
ECG, an iPhone accessory that will allow both physicians and patients to 
capture and transmit clinical quality heart ECG data using their smart 

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Aubrey de Grey, MA, PhD: Is Aging an Inevitable Process?

Aubrey de Grey, MA, PhD, Chief 
Science Officer and Founder, SENS Foundation, offers 
a definition of aging that refocuses the question of whether or not aging 
is an inevitable process.

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Sheri Fink, MD, PhD: Technology's Role in Humanitarian Aid

Sheri Fink, MD, PhD, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with ProPublica, and Senior Fellow, New 
America Foundation discusses the role that 
technology can, and should, play in organizing and managing humanitarian 
aid efforts.

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Philip Low, PhD: Portable Brain Scanning

Philip Low, PhD, Founder, Chairman & 
CEO, NeuroVigil , talks about a pioneering new 
paradigm for non-invasive and portable brain scanning using a single 
channel electrode to examine brain function and structures.

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Jeremy Bailenson: Virtual Reality Based Behavioral Therapy

Director, Virtual 
Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University, 
talks about the power of virtual reality technology to effect behavioral 
change, especially in the challenging area of lifestyle modification.

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