Lindsey Mosby

lindsey mosby

Lindsey Mosby

Executive Director, Innovation Strategy Group, Healthcare Practice Lead

Dedicated to the mission and vision of better, more effective, efficient and accessible health care for each and every one of us, Lindsey brings deep experience in strategic planning, brand and experience strategy, and organizational and cultural behavior to the business of healthcare innovation.

Experienced in the methods and practices of major medical players and young, entrepreneurial healthcare start-ups alike, Lindsey seeks out fast-paced, strategic-thinking team environments. Collaborating with such groups through highly complex initiatives, Lindsey employs design strategy, research and business rigor to the ideation and creation of new healthcare products and services.

Understanding each unique environment and how to best affect growth and positive change within them, Lindsey’s most rewarding work has included:

• Strategic mission and vision articulation and 
organizational storytelling
• Long and short-term strategic planning
• Ideation and development of new business products 
and services
• Design and facilitation of highly experiential and dynamic ideation workshops and Futurecasting innovation sessions
• Development and deployment of enterprise-wide brand management and communications programs

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