Komathi Stem


Komathi Stem

Strategic Innovation Leader, Genentech

Komathi is a systems thinker who uses a balance of entrepreneurial knowledge and corporate savvy to introduce relevant large-scale transformation in global corporations. Her passion for transforming drug development is shaping the way clinical trials are designed. She started an incubator to catalyze innovation in clinical trials. The incubator includes Human Centered Design Labs to spark patient centricity in trial designs, External Innovation Advisory Board to create a sense of urgency for Senior Leaders to take action and Innovation Governance using Lean Start Up methodologies that prioritize learning through action.

The incubator has introduced tangible solutions to leverage the growing empowered patient as well as evolving digital and mobile technologies for healthcare. Recently a new patient centric clinical trial model that accelerated recruitment three fold and reduced cost by leveraging new technologies and trusted patient channels beyond the traditional trial center. Via her connections across the technology sector and healthcare, she has partnered some unlikely companies with pharma to develop some novel solutions to traditional industry challenges.

As a senior global leader at Genentech, AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly, she has built and led high impact field and global corporate teams with up to 500 employees across multiple headquarter sites. She has implemented integration and culture strategies to help employees remain engaged and committed through reorganizations/mergers.

Komathi is a biomedical Engineer with broad Pharma/Biotech industry experience ranging from Sales, Medical Affairs, Global Project Management, Global Clinical Operations and Innovation. She has extensive experience in key therapeutic areas including: Oncology, Neuroscience, Endocrine, Immunology, Cardiology, Respiratory, Infectious Disease and Gastroenterology.

She is a Steering Committee Member for Disruptive Pharma Conference and a Mentor to RockHealth Accelerator Startups.

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