November 2014 Video Recaps

Day 4: November 12, 2014 (Overview)

I made the joke this morning that this feels like day 35 of our 4 day program because so much has happened. We’ve had such an amazing crew of participants who have been playing full out. Over 400 participants, 100 demo companies, 60 faculty. It’s really starting to gel. I mean people come here, often not knowing what to expect, and then they get blown away by AI, robotics, 3D printing and beyond. It’s stuff they may have heard about but then they get to experience, they get to see how it gets applied to multiple fields including health and biomedicine. I think where it’s coming together this morning (which some of us are recovering from the bonfire last night and the late night bonding on the beach) is how you take this forward. It’s one thing to say exponentials but it’s another to start thinking and doing. We just had Ray Kurzweil join us, the co-founder of Singularity University and director of engineering at Google, an amazing futurist and inventor.  We talked about how do we take this forward? We want this to be impactful. Not just knowing about the technology but to start to map it and know the implications. Whether you’re a private practitioner, a Pharma person, a Biotech person, an app developer. Not to be thinking in 2014, where we are today but what’s happening in 2 years, in 6 years. That’s part of the mission here. Get people out of their linear brains and into their exponential ones and to begin thinking about how we can reinvent, rethink, and reimagine health and medicine across the spectrum. View More Videos from Exponential Medicine 2014.      

Day 3: November 11, 2014 (Overview)


This morning we kicked off with Vinod Khosla.

A visionary, investor, technologist who is really being an instigator to rethinking how healthcare is going to happen with data, with artificial intelligence, with connected devices.

He shared his perspectives on how the future of medicine can be reimagined and how we have to try, not fail to try, to improve things.

That was a highlight.

Then we did a session that I kicked off on regenerative medicine, looking at the future of stem cells.

We still have a day to go and there's a lot more to come!

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Day 2: November 10, 2014 (Healthcare Innovation Lab)

The demo room, which we call the Healthcare Innovation Lab here, is incredible. We have over 50 startups. Some big companies from Intuitive Surgical, where you can try robotic surgery, to out friends at Navy Seals Medics where you can experience the cutting edge of military medicine. Brain computer interfaces like Muse which is a consumer device that looks at the brain. Augmented reality [with BioLucid] which is going to change the future of medical education. New apps, new 3D printed braces. It's a really incredible place and it is not one field. That's the theme of Exponential Medicine: the convergence, the mashup. People are getting really excited to try these things out, to see how they could be used today in the clinic or in prevention or diagnosis and therapy. It's a magical mashup. View More Videos from Exponential Medicine 2014.

Day 2: November 10, 2014 (Exponentials)

Here at Exponential Medicine, part of the theme is exponential, or fast moving.

The idea that a lot of technology, Moore’s Law in the digital realm, or big data, or social networking, or the internet of things.

They’re all moving at an exponential rate.

Things are getting faster, cheaper, more available.

That is some of the thinking we’re instigating here but also, the convergence point.

That's when we mash up exponential and fast moving technologies so that we really can invite and reshape both fields.

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Day 2: November 10, 2014 (Overview)

Like most of our programs, this has been a bit of a firehose of information. I think people feel really engaged. We had our demo room open today with 50 different startups. We have such an incredible cross-fertilization of folks. Many different parts of the world and many different medical specialties. From Pharma, to devices, to app makers, to investors. What I think is really firing people up is to get sparked by these ideas. Whether it’s a demo from the XPRIZE Nokia Sensing Challenge (which we announced the winner today), or seeing an example of a drone that might deliver a medical device or a defibrillator. When you mash those things up and mix the people with all these interesting backgrounds, clinical and otherwise, that’s where the magic and transformation happens. I think we will see new companies and ideas spring out of this year’s program, just like we’ve had at our prior ones. View More Videos from Exponential Medicine 2014.

Day 1: November 9, 2014 (Overview)


Welcome to Exponential Medicine 2014. We just kicked off today at the amazing Hotel Del Coronado.

We have over 450 participants, 50 startups, and 60 faculty from across the healthcare and technology spectrum.

We had a really amazing opening session today where we looked at how we think about reinventing health and medicine from a broad perspective.

We dived into the intro to exponentials. Everything from Peter Diamonds on Exponential Thinking to the future of Big Data, Biotechnology, 3D Printing, and Robotics. Giving people a quick, deep dive into the cutting edge and how that might apply to health, medicine, diagnostics, therapeutics, and beyond.

Hope you follow along with us the next few days. We have an action packed program. Sessions like Craig Venter’s Keynote will be live streamed on tomorrow night.

Join us on social media and online for live streaming. Together, by blending fast moving technologies and convergence we can really rethink the future of health and medicine for all of us.

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