Marty Kohn, MD

marty-kohnDr. Martin Kohn is Chief Medical Scientist at Sentrian, creating predictive analytic systems integrating home monitoring with longitudinal health data for patients with complex chronic diseases. The Sentrian system identifies patients that are likely to deteriorate to allow the care providers enough time to intervene to mitigate or prevent the deterioration, thus keeping patients healthier at home while controlling costs by reducing avoidable hospitalizations. His research includes healthcare population analytics and the role of expert systems in the clinical decision process.

Dr. Kohn is a board-certified emergency physician with over 30 years of practice and management experience. He is an alumnus of MIT, Harvard Medical School and NYU, and is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American College of Physician Executives. He is board certified in Clinical Informatics and has published multiple articles and book chapters on clinical, technical and management subjects.

Previously, Dr. Kohn was the Chief Medical Scientist for Care Delivery Systems in IBM Research developing analytic tools for healthcare, including the use of the Watson supercomputer in healthcare. He speaks frequently on the issues of healthcare transformation, the role of information technology, the Patient Centered Medical Home and clinical decision support.