MEDy Award winners

About the MEDy Awards

At Exponential Medicine 2018 we were proud to present four companies with 2018 MEDy Awards.

Initiated in 2013, MEDy stands for "Medical Entrepreneurship and Disruption." The MEDy Awards recognize companies that are creating new solutions to redefine health and medicine, and are on track to help millions, if not billions, of lives.

Each year, a panel of judges chooses winners in the following four MEDy Award categories:

  • Convergence
  • One to Watch
  • Outstanding Pitch
  • Most Disruptive
  • Most Likely To Scale

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The 2018 MEDy Award Winners are:




Zeto, Inc. offers the first dry electrode EEG system that has been cleared for clinical use by the FDA. Backed by a cloud platform, the zero prep, easy-to- wear headset provides doctors with instant upload, live viewing, and analysis tools allowing them to see more problems and potential problems than traditional systems including epilepsy, sleep apnea, and stroke, etc.




Seqster is a platform for individuals to collect, own, and share their health data from one place with doctors, caregivers, insurers, etc. It collects medical, genetic, and fitness data into one secure platform. Seqster’s research portal contains multigenerational health records and helps fast track patients with clinical trials. It is currently being used by The American Heart Association.




CloudMedx offers a patient/doctor experience through “Sophie,” an artificial intelligence that uses machine learning and natural language algorithms. Sophie self trains using data from emergency medical records, devices, and lab results to improve the clinical experience and provide early detection of such diseases as liver cancer to improve outcomes. “She” is in use at top hospitals including UCSF and Mt. Sinai and is identifying risks 2-3 times faster than traditional means.



The MouthLab

The MouthLab from Aidar Health/MultiSensor Diagnostics measures 20 parameters from a person’s breath. It is a holistic, diagnostic consumer device that reports out on smartphones and is meant to be incorporated into a person’s everyday routine to track temperature, blood pressure, oxygen levels, hearth rates, respiratory rates, etc. The device is used as an early warning or chronic disease maintenance tool for doctors, caregivers, and family members for heart failure, pulmonary trouble in COPD patients, arrhythmia, hypertension, asthma, etc.

The 2017 MEDy Award Winners are:


Catherine Liao - logo-blumio-dark-2048


Blumio is developing a wearable sensor for continuous blood pressure monitoring. Blumio's patent-pending RF sensor measures and analyzes arterial movements to accurately determine pulse and blood pressure. Successful commercialization of Blumio's technology will open a new window into monitoring, maintaining, and improving cardiovascular health.


Angie Carrillo - usethislogoNEXTBIOTICS


Nextbiotics is a biotechnology platform that engineers viruses to serve as cures for the greatest global health challenges. Our first product reverses antibiotic resistance in humans. Our novel approach combines phage therapy with CRISPR technology. CRISPR is a cutting-edge gene editing tool and our team combines pharmaceutical and entrepreneurial experience with world-class CRISPR expertise.


Kasey Cuevas - HIL_Logo_Cloud DX

Cloud DX

Cloud DX offers clinical-grade connected medical devices, healthcare apps and ͞full-stack͟ telemedicine services to form the world’s first truly comprehensive connected health solution. Cloud DX Connected Health Kits are the most affordable solution available for accurate remote patient monitoring. Cloud DX is most recognized for winning the first ever Bold Epic Innovator Award in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE Competition.




ThinkingNode is a next-generation AI company revolutionizing life science and medicine. We apply computational reasoning for problem solving rather than machine learning for pattern recognition. Our tools provide a powerful way to model complex knowledge and then computationally reason through any number of possible calculations, inferences, and simulations – with or without data. Our software is like working with an intelligent Mind Map or an Excel spreadsheet for ͞thinking͟. Knowledge, such as metabolic pathways, chemical reactions, clinical trial results, etc. can be modeled and then used to solve complex problems faster than ever before. The process leads to exponential progress in diagnostic methods, treatments, drug discovery, and drug safety - ultimately helping to shave months and years from the discovery process.

Our founder, Khai Minh Pham, holds an MD and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He is a visionary who realized early how to leverage the promise of AI. In 1995 he founded one of the first data mining companies and had an exit of $400M in 2000 - still the 2nd highest AI-company acquisition. Dr. Pham’s current vision: the time is right for computational reasoning, the technology that will fulfill the promise of Artificial Intelligence beyond machine learning. ThinkingNode represents the next step in AI...and this is the future of life science.

The 2016 MEDy Award Winners are:



Elemeno Health

We are a best practices management and delivery system for healthcare. We engage the entire hospital team through gamified checklists, guidelines, and videos on-demand, delivering the right practice to the right patient at the right time. Promote team satisfaction and a protocol-driven staff. Consistency at the point of care-- eliminate medical errors and drive quality, safety, and outcomes.




EmojiHealth is an innovative new messenger app that allows for more effective and engaging health conversations with teens. Teens tend to be a group that is difficult to interact with, but are in a very formative period, so it's all the more important they get the right coaching and information to develop healthy lifelong habits.

EmojiHealth is designed as a platform that is very similar to the ones that teens use to message their friends – it allows for authentic conversations on their terms. The platform drives personalized messaging around things like condition knowledge, symptom tracking. and adherence - which we know can be an issue with this demographic, especially when it comes to various conditions and related prescriptions, such as asthma, diabetes, depression, ADHD, birth control, etc.

EmojiHealth makes it easy for the user to get emoji 🕗💊 reminders to ensure they take their medications. The app also captures signs and symptom inputs from users allowing for rich feedback and course correction.

EmojiHealth will leverage machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) to learn the habits and preferences of the user, so it can go even further to assist, inform, or address their needs and questions. It becomes a health partner available right there on their smartphone – the main source of almost everything in teens' lives!



Upright Technologies

Upright Technologies Ltd. is a biofeedback consumer electronic company, incorporated in 2014, that has launched its first product, the UPRIGHT Trainer, in Dec. 2015 with a goal of solving one of the main epidemics of the modern era.



Pison Technolgy

Pison Technology is creating a communication and control device to help people with ALS and other neuromuscular conditions who cannot speak or move their body. Our device is an EMG-based wearable sensor to control a laptop, phone and wheelchair. Even if a person has no ability to move, the nerves in the arms and legs are preserved and generate electrical signals. We capture the peak of that signal and translate it to a mouse click or keyboard press.

The 2015 MEDy Award Winners are:


SenselyLogo2 is an avatar-­‐based, emotively driven clinical platform that helps physicians better manage their chronically ill patients.’s first product leverages video, voice and body recognition, sensor integration and augmented reality to enable continuous, remote monitoring and analysis of patients’ health after a discharge. The unique interface stimulates patient engagement and provides clinicians with insights necessary to make treatment and disease management more efficient and convenient.


beyond verbal

Beyond Verbal

We understand people's moods, we understand people's attitudes and we understand people's emotional characteristics (also known as personality) from their raw vocal intonations - in real-time, as they speak.

That’s it.

To understand these three things is to understand the dimension of emotions in human communications. Bundled into software, our technology allows devices and applications to understand not just what we type, click, say or touch, but what we MEAN and how we FEEL.




X2AI builds Tess, a psychological AI that administers highly personalized psychotherapy, psycho-education, and health-related reminders, on-demand, when and where the mental health professional isn’t. Interaction with Tess is solely through conversation, exclusively via existing communication channels, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Web Browsers, and several other platforms.

Tess forms a bond with the patient and personalizes their experience based on their emotion. Each mental health professional’s therapy, treatment and education approach can be encoded into Tess, creating a digitally uploaded version of the mental health professional. Tess is scalable, without the need for additional hardware or software.



Universal DX

Universal Diagnostics (UDX) is a Spanish-based biomedicine start-up focused on the development of diagnostics tests for early cancer detection.

UDX started a large-scale research metabolomics project for discovering ex-novo biomarkers for different cancers with high incidence and mortality rate in the world.

UDX has established alliances and collaborations with international universities, companies, biobanks and hospitals to validate the technology in all races and populations.

Following clinical trials and regulatory approval, UDX will offer tests for the early diagnostics of the most prevalent cancers.

UDX’s first product is a blood-based test for the early detection of colorectal cancer and polyps, the precursor to colorectal cancer.

2014 MEDy Award Winners

2014 MEDy Winners




Patients in emergencies often have no way to communicate life-saving information to first responders and emergency medical personnel—current medications, relevant history, allergies. This lack of information leads to loss of life, treatment errors, and billions of dollars in avoidable costs to patients, providers, hospital systems, and insurers.

FirstID is a real-time service that enables first responders and emergency medical personnel to access patients’ vital health information simply by scanning the subscriber’s fingerprint into an app on the first responder’s or provider’s mobile device. Subscribers choose what information to share: allergies, current meds, acute health history. FirstID also provides real-time incident notification to subscribers’ emergency contacts and forwards profiles retrieved on-scene onward to the ER.


NeuroRecovery Logo


NeuroRecovery Technologies is a new, cutting-edge medical technology company focused on the design and development of devices and applications to help restore function & movement in patients with paralysis. Our current technology evolved from collaborative research between The University of California Los Angeles, The California Institute of Technology, and The University of Louisville.

Through efforts of combined research, the NeuroRecovery team has achieved results that have placed them at the forefront of advancing the recovery and rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients. As recognized by their peers, the NeuroRecovery team is being credited with accomplishing a remarkable medical breakthrough. Initial clinical evaluation has revealed the ability of the company's patent pending technology and method of approach to restore voluntary movement and independent standing, along with varying degrees of restored function to bladder & bowel control, temperature regulation, blood pressure and sexual function in nearly 20 subjects with complete or partial paralysis




Orpyx® develops wearable, sensor-based technologies that address the growing demand for self-monitoring devices to help manage chronic health-related conditions and improve overall quality of life.

Orpyx® was created out of a profound desire to address the swiftly-growing global diabetes epidemic and its related complications, notably that of diabetic peripheral neuropathy – loss of feeling and sensory feedback in the feet experienced by an estimated 50-percent of the 350 million diabetics worldwide, that can lead to tissue damage, infection, ulceration and amputation.

Founded by Calgary surgical resident Dr. Breanne Everett, Orpyx® is behind two highly innovative plantar sensory replacement systems, the SurroSense Rx™ and the SurroGait Rx™, that use pressure sensor-embedded shoe insoles to determine force exerted over the bottom of the feet, and wirelessly transmit collected information to a back pad, mobile device or wristwatch worn by the user. Employing the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, the potential of the human brain to rewire itself, the patient is able to interpret the sensory stimulus felt on the back as that from the feet, and positively adjust their gait, balance, mobility and overall health as a result.




Doctors speak a different language. Show them.
Revolutionizing the way doctors and patients communicate: CaptureProof is the HIPAA compliant app for medical chat, photos and video.

With CaptureProof, patients don’t have to struggle to explain their symptoms, and doctors don’t have to guess what they really mean. Patients show-and-tell, and doctors see-and-know.

Sometimes patient symptoms don’t show up to the doctors appointment. CaptureProof turns the mobile phone into a medical tool and lets patient capture symptoms as they happen. CaptureProof is the visual quantified self, tracking progress over time. Patients can avoid the “wait-and-see” visit by recording symptoms through notes, photos or video, and show up prepared to share with the doctor.

With CaptureProof, Clinicians benefit:

Automatic Organization - Never file a video or photo again
Easy Analysis - See videos or photos automatically side-by-side
Ensures Consistency - Baseline image is used as protocol for subsequent images
Security - HIPAA compliant!
Links - into all EHRs

Whether it is an orthopedic surgeon ensuring the post-op healing process, an oncologist monitoring a patient’s physical reaction to chemotherapy, or a neurosurgeon consulting a colleague about the proper course of action for an epileptic child, all doctors can instantly receive their patients’ visual updates and share with entire care teams. CaptureProof ensures the best care is given to each and every patient, wherever, whenever.

Visit to sign-up and download our mobile app today.

2013 MEDy Award Winners


vital connect

Vital Connect

Vital Connect is a medical device and healthcare solutions company applying advanced biosensor technology and surrounding data management systems to deliver an innovative platform that is accretive to decision-making paradigms of physicians and other health care professionals. Vital Connect’s FDA-cleared and CE -marked HealthPatch® MD biosensing platform is available for use in hospitals, homes, research facilities, doctor’s offices, and other care facilities.


Pixie Scientifi Logo

Pixie Scientific

Our mission at Pixie Scientific is to watch over your health. Our current products, Smart Diapers and Pixie Briefs, utilize simple and unobtrusive technology to help parents and caregivers screen for potential infections before they develop into something serious. Please join us on our adventure.


interknowlogy logo


InterKnowlogy has been on the leading edge of innovation in the custom software design space for over 11 years. We have the unique ability to artfully transform your business problems into effortless, multi-functional, visual solutions. These solutions incorporate the latest technologies with that human touch you won’t find in ordinary software, so you can interact with your end-users like never before. They will be able to work more effectively, understand more clearly, and engage more deeply with your business. Our team of brilliant software engineers will quickly help expand on your vision, add their mastery of the technology, and deliver it. Every time. This is the InterKnowlogy difference.

At InterKnowlogy, we employ the best and brightest in all aspects of our business. Our people are not only exceptional at what they do, but they have a passion about technology that is unparalleled.

InterKnowlogy has developed a framework on which to deliver Surface-based applications facilitating the key functionalities of the touch-based applications. Focused in such areas as healthcare, travel and tourism, government services, manufacturing and entertainment, InterKnowlogy works with their clients to develop unique solutions that extend their reach across the platform, and utilizes high-end graphics, core business processes, and gesture-based interactions to deliver the innovations of the future, today


RevMedx Logo


RevMedx is a start-up medical device company dedicated to bringing lifesaving products to the field of trauma medicine. Working under grants from the US Army, we are developing a line of wound dressings that will create a new standard for the treatment of traumatic hemorrhage—the leading cause of combat mortality.