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Healthcare Innovation Lab

Our Healthcare Innovation Lab is a showcase and expo(nential) lab for the most promising companies and innovations that are set to revolutionize the practice of medicine and radically transform healthcare and the biomedical industry.

Curated through invitation, nomination, and application, ~50 cutting-edge, early-stage companies are chosen to be part of our future-forward curriculum with hands-on learning and demonstrations.

Who Is The Innovation Lab For:
The Healthcare Innovation Lab is an exciting platform for a diverse range of innovative companies where they can highlight their new innovations in front of 500+ healthcare leaders.

Why Is It Important:
Startups are changing the world and no place faster than in healthcare. Having leading companies demonstrating their projects is a valuable part of the Exponential Medicine experience.

When Is It:
The conference takes place November 4-7 with the Healthcare Innovation Lab open November 4-7.

Where is it:
The Healthcare Innovation Lab takes place in the Crown Room at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California.

Innovation Lab Video Highlights:

We are accepting applications for companies to present to +500 participants at Exponential Medicine, including attending physicians, senior health care executives, other innovators, and investors.

Fifty groundbreaking companies will be chosen to exhibit.

Startup companies can compete for a MEDy (Medical Entrepreneurship & Disruption)  Award, with the winners offered an opportunity to demo their product from the Exponential Medicine main stage.

Demo Packages

For Established Companies:
$25,000 -- includes larger space in innovation lab, 2 full conference registrations, 2 innovation lab registrations

Growth Stage Companies
$10,000 -- includes space + 1 full conference registration, 2 innovation lab registration

Early Stage Startups (Pre-Funding)
$2500 -- includes space + 1 innovation Lab registration

Options for Needs-Based Companies available.

About the MEDy Awards

The MEDy Awards recognize companies designing products and creating healthcare solutions that are industry-changing innovations.

Startups are eligible to win one of the following four MEDy Awards:

  • Convergence
  • One to Watch
  • Outstanding Pitch
  • Most Disruptive
  • Most Likely to Scale

Each winner will also demo their product from the Exponential Medicine main stage.

The healthcare industry is on the cusp of exciting changes as new technologies are being developed that will truly alter how medical care is provided to patients and that will solve challenges present in the current system. The MEDy awards are presented to companies generating disruptive solutions that are driving innovation in the medical field.

Dr. Daniel Kraft, Exponential Medicine Conference Chair


Congratulations to our 2018 MEDy Award Winners









Past Winners

November 2017 Winners:

ConvergenceCloud DX

One to Watch: Nextbiotics

Outstanding PitchBlumio

Most Disruptive: ThinkingNode

November 2014 Winners:

Convergence: ORPYX

One to Watch: Neuro Recovery Technologies

Outstanding Pitch: Harbor Biometrics

Most Disruptive: CaptureProof

November 2016 Winners:

ConvergenceUpright Technologies

One to Watch: EmojiHealth

Outstanding PitchElemeno Health

Most Disruptive: Pison Technology

November 2013 Winners:

Convergence: InterKnowlogy

One to Watch: Pixie Scientific

Outstanding Pitch: VitalConnect

Most Disruptive: RevMedX

November 2015 Winners:


One to Watch: Beyond Verbal


Most Disruptive: Universal Diagnostics