Jordan Shlain, MD

Founder, Private Medical & HealthLoop

Jordan Shlain, MD

Founder, Private Medical & Founder/Chairman, HealthLoop

Dr. Jordan Shlain is a practicing primary care doctor, a digital health entrepreneur, a writer, and respected thought leader in national health policy. He is known in the health community as an advocate for physicians and patients.

Dr. Shlain joined the Hope Street Board in 2011 and is a Mayoral appointed Commissioner on the Health Service Systems Board of San Francisco. He is an advisor to the Aspen Institute and serves on the the board of the American Academy of Private Physicians, WildAid, and the Institute for Responsible Nutrition.

After graduating from UC Berkeley and before attending Georgetown Medical school, Dr. Shlain spent a year teaching in Western Kenya with Harvard affiliated WorldTeach.

He is an active health investor and advises many venture capital and private equity firms. He is the founder and chairman of Heathloop, a Silicon Valley company dedicated to proactively engaging doctors and patients between visits around meaningful outcomes.

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