Jane Metcalfe

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Jane Metcalfe

Founder at NEO.LIFE

Entrepreneur, publisher, speaker/moderator, board member, advisor, manager and investor, experienced in harnessing new ideas to create strong brands, rapidly grow businesses, and lead healthy, creative, mission-driven organizations. Comfortable operating at the leading edge, anticipating trends and positioning for the future.

Have built, raised funds for, invested in, and advised organizations in diverse industries, including media, food, health and wellness, real estate, education, and culture. Have led start ups, turn arounds and established organizations in both for profit and non profit enterprises.

Primary experience
Start ups, business planning, strategic planning, strategic partnerships, business development, fund raising, financing, marketing, sales, product development and introduction, communications and media relations. Very strong people skills.

Revenue focused with an underlying belief in the power of extraordinary brands to create value and change for good.

On the non-profit side, I have been involved with digital arts for years, as a founding board member of Zero One, as a juror at Ars Electronica, and more recently at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA), as well as the UC Berkeley Foundation. I was also the first donor and a long time board member of One Economy, a non profit aimed at helping low income people use the tools of the digital age to access information and build assets for themselves. I was a very early board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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