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2019 Faculty

Exponential Medicine brings together world class thought-leading faculty from across the medical, healthcare technology, and innovation ecosystem. Our faculty participate in talks, panels, interactive workshops, demos, and discussions.
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xMed 2019 Fellows
Empowered by Anthem

In 2019, we established the xMed Fellows designation in collaboration with our partners at Anthem. The goal -- inviting innovators and change agents from underrepresented disciplines at the Exponential Medicine conference ranging from patients and caregivers to social workers, nursing, EMS, research fellows, social justice, housing experts, and beyond to participate and share their vitally important insights.

Through a nomination process, we discovered a remarkable group of catalysts who are closest to the gaps in care, working in adjacent places where health can be cultivated, and those who are identifying less well understood relationships to health, illness, and disability and boldly applying fresh approaches to create an exponential impact on health, safety, and health equity.

We're excited to introduce you to the 2019 xMed Fellows empowered by Anthem.

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