Rachel Thomas, PhD


Rachel Thomas, PhD

Founder & Deep Learning Researcher,

Rachel Thomas has a math PhD from Duke and was selected by Forbes as one of "20 Incredible Women in AI." She co-created the Practical Deep Learning for Coders and Computational Linear Algebra courses. Her background includes working as a quant in energy trading, a data scientist + backend engineer at Uber, and a full-stack software instructor at Hackbright. Rachel's writing has made the front page of Hacker News 6x; been translated into Chinese, Spanish, & Portuguese; and been featured in newsletters from O'Reilly, Fortune, Mattermark, & others. She is now co-founder of and a researcher-in-residence at USF Data Institute. She writes an ask-a-data-scientist advice column at and is on twitter @math_rachel

Rachel co-founded with the goal of making deep learning accessible to people from varied backgrounds outside of elite institutions, who are tackling problems in meaningful but low-resource areas, far from mainstream deep learning research. Over 100,000 students have started the FREE course, Practical Deep Learning for Coders, available at

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