Jason Tuschen

Jason Tuschen

Jason Tuschen

Retired Navy SEAL and Co-Founder & CEO, Randori

Jason is a recently retired Navy SEAL leader with 27 years of military and Special Operations experience. He successfully assembled, led and advised high-performing teams and sensitive strategic missions. He continually fostered inter-agency relationships, working with diverse cultures to develop effective solutions in complex, dynamic, and high-risk environments.

He is passionate about developing talent and getting the most out of people through servant leadership. He is continually looking for ways to improve and develop an organization, whether it is through processes or people or both, by taking into account what has worked in the past, what the current operating environment is and what things will likely look like in the future.

He is highly focused on leading problem solving through collaboration of differing opinions and through detailed root-cause analysis. When the solution presents itself, he can clearly articulate the "why" up and down the chain and help implement positive change throughout the organization.

The best leaders are humble yet confident, take ownership and have self-discipline. They develop relationships that foster teamwork and eliminate stovepipes in communications throughout the organization. They have the presence of mind in times of chaos to take a step back, assess the situation, and make a decisive decision. Finally, they can clearly articulate their vision so that others in the organization take it on as their own.

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