Carmen Morcos, MBA

Carmen Morcos

Carmen Morcos, MBA

CEO, Impact Visionary

For 15 years, Carmen worked in finance and the international social justice field in NYC, Chicago and Bolivia. Throughout her career, she saw how many people were suffering, and unnecessarily. She saw her friends and peers start out hopeful, pursuing their passion. But over time, they began to miss out on the very thing they set out to create– a rich human life. This is why she became a coach.

As a first generation American with Bolivian and Syrian parents, and through her education at Georgetown (MBA + Masters in Foreign Service), her view of the world is informed by multiple paradigms. After her formal study, she began a deep dive in to various contemplative practices:

  • Mind Body Eating Coach – Institute for the Psychology of Eating
  • Living Meditation Teacher – David H. Wagner
  • RYT500 Advanced Yoga Instructor – Abhaya Yoga
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor – Trauma Center at JRI

Carmen helps Passionate Humans come back in to their power and remember that everything they need for a deep experience of life is already within them. How does she do this? Through her Human Capital Program for Human Investment Hubs, her Passionate Human Program for Individuals, and Humane Conference Design. The goal– to bring our humanity back in to our experience of life.

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