Yan Fossat

Glam Yan

Yan Fossat

Principal Investigator, Labs for Klick Health

Yan heads up Klick Labs, the digital innovation center at Klick Health, where he
recently introduced the world to the SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device, a ground-
breaking Proof of Concept that wirelessly records and transmits patient tremors
in real time to help foster clinical empathy and better care for the more than 40
million people living with movement disorders in the U.S. alone.

Prior to joining Klick, he co-founded a digital health marketing agency for 15
years, honing his focus on digital medical innovation and developing extensive
knowledge and understanding of human-computer interaction, gamification, 3D
technologies, artificial intelligence, and surgical and medical design and

Following his relocation to Canada from his native France in 1993, Yan spent
over five years developing his 3D-modelling, animation, and programming skills
before launching one of the first medical 3D animation companies in the world.
Yan's love affair with technology began at a young age, programming video
games in BASIC on a ZX81. After completing early studies in math and physics,
he pursued an interest in visual media by achieving professional certification as a
medical photographer, specializing in biochemical visualization at the Université
Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Yan was recently recognized as a Top 10 Innovation Catalyst by Medical
Marketing & Media magazine and an ELITE Innovator by PM360 magazine.
When he is not busy designing new apps or medical simulators, Yan can be
found rebuilding vintage motorcycles in his garage.

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