Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS

rafael grossman

Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS

Healthcare Futurist, Technology Innovator, Surgeon & Educator

Since completing his surgery residency in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dr. Grossmann has developed as a general, trauma, advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgeon.

Throughout his career, Dr. Grossmann has focused on tapping the paradoxical power of technology to coexist with a better, more humane medical care.

As a healthcare futurist, being a full-time practicing surgeon gives him the rare skills, qualities and advantages to combine and enhance both his passions.

He is one of the earliest Google Glass explorers and in June 20th, 2013, was the first doctor to ever use Google Glass to live-stream a surgical procedure, setting clear pace for the use of smart-glass platforms in medicine.

Being a telemedicine, Global Health and Digital Medicine advocate, Dr. Grossmann is a strong believer in the power of technology to augment healthcare, surgical training and education, to better connect providers and patients.
He is convinced that innovation in healthcare technology, along with the current developments in Mobile and Wearable platforms, Virtual and Mixed Reality, along with
Nanotechnology, 3D printing, blockchain and Robotics, will exponentially improve connectivity, communication and data management, and result in more efficient, intuitive, less expensive and ultimately better and more empathic patient care.
His current focus of interest centers in the use of Hololens and ARkit to enhance education, diagnostics and therapeutics in and out of the operating room.

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