Nico Preston


Nico Preston

Data Scientist & Disease Ecologist, Boston, MA

Nico Preston, PhD, is currently a Distinguished Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton. He was the Chief Data Scientist for Epidemico, a spin-off from Boston Children’s Hospital, specializing in using big data for global health vigilance. Nico has a PhD from UW-Madison in Limnology and Marine Science. His postdoc focused on the intersection of ecology, computing, and health with UW-Madison’s Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment and Global Health Institute.

Nico’s current focus is on identifying resilient and sustainable solutions to improving global health, combining full-stack data science, decision support, and immersive technologies. His past work and research experiences include machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, data engineering, digital health, geospatial applications, and collaborative research technologies. Additional roles included Fellow with the Boston Children’s Hospital Informatics Program and Director of Data Science and Research Technology at EcoHealth Alliance.

Nico is multilingual and has worked worldwide, in the field, laboratory, and cloud. When offline, he can be found simply messing around in boats.

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