Jeffrey Brewer


Jeffrey Brewer

CEO, Bigfoot Biomedical

After founding two successful technology startups and dedicating his time to global philanthropy organizations, Jeffrey Brewer was facing the greatest challenge of his life - the diagnosis of his seven-year-old son Sean in 2002. Diabetes would become the new focus for his energy. Known as the “Father of the Artificial Pancreas,” the project he launched in his time as a volunteer, donor, and international Board Member for JDRF, Jeffrey Brewer is perhaps best known in the diabetes community for his time spent serving in the role of JDRF’s CEO from 2011 to 2014.

In the role of CEO of JDRF, Jeffrey forged financial partnerships with industry to drive research and development of insulin delivery and glucose monitoring technologies. He further spearheaded US regulatory reform in the area of automated insulin delivery, and elevated the organization’s strategic priorities to include health care policy, reimbursement, and access to technology for people with T1D. He joined in the founding of Bigfoot because he felt that industry could and should do more in each of these areas, marrying the best of our technologies to automate the management of diabetes, and making it available to the greatest number of people in need.

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