Colin Kim

colin kim

Colin Kim

Founder, CK2YOU

Colin Kim is a yoga teacher and expert in the field of breath work and emotional healing who is certified in both Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. He guides private and group formats with an encyclopedic knowledge that comes through with amusing wit, often conveying soulful principles with the help of popular culture, music and the events of the day. As an indoor-cycling instructor, he has taught over 4,000 sold-out classes; his style and sequencing on the bike has been duplicated by nearly all credible institutions in the field. Many of Colin's students have been inspired to become teachers themselves and have gone on to open well-known and successful fitness and social centers. An encounter with Colin is special. That quality has touched the lives of many top name celebrities, athletes and students around the world. Colin teaches classes, workshops and retreats both locally from his home in West Hollywood, California and also internationally, welcoming everyone at any age or ability.

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