Ari Levitt, MD


Ari Levitt, MD

Physician, Health Advocate; Founder & Director of Roll Up The Rug & Dance

A physician, artist, traveler, teacher, and entrepreneur, Ari completed his undergraduate degree in human biology & philosophy at Stanford University, his medical degree at the University of Washington, his residency in Family Practice in Central Pennsylvania, then

traveled for several years throughout the USA and around the world as physician, lecturer, and dance instructor, all the while honing his appreciation of the intersection between wellness, medicine, and the Arts, and developing his unique program of 'experiential wellness' that harnesses the power of music, movement, and medicine to achieve wellness, balance, and happiness in life

practiced medicine for several years as a locum tenens physician throughout the USA before truly combining his medical background with his avocational interests in music, the Arts, and social partner dance to create a very innovative and incredibly successful program [using the Arts to] that not only helps his patients to reduce stress, but also to helps his patients to gain a much better sense of wellness, balance , and awareness in their lives and relationships, and in so doing, brings them much closer to finding happiness and joy in their lives.

help his patients not only wellness, balance, & connection, but a much greater sense of happiness & perspective in their lives.

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