Kevin Wildenhaus, PhD


Kevin Wildenhaus, PhD

Behavioral Science Lead: Janssen Disease Interception Accelerator, Johnson & Johnson

Kevin is responsible for leading behavioral science innovation and research within Janssen’s Disease Interception Accelerator organization. He is the pre-venture lead for Perinatal Depression and PTSD. He is also Scientific Advisor on the Lake Nona Life Project. Previously, he was the Behavioral Science Lead in the Consumer Innovations group after serving as Head of Behavioral Science for SocialWellth, a health technology startup where he led the development of the first consumer focused mHealth app Certification Standards and Review process for use by health plans and retailers. Prior to this, he was Senior Director of Science and Innovation at Wellness & Prevention Inc. where he led a team of clinical, organizational and educational psychologists, physicians, health educators and biostatisticians. He was also the Director of Behavioral Science and Data Analytics at HealthMedia, Incorporated.

He is the former Director of Behavioral Science in the Department of Family Medicine with Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. With his expertise in health behavior change and brief treatment interventions, Dr. Wildenhaus has consulted with many organizations that provide wellness, behavioral health, and disease management services, conducting program reviews and providing staff training in behavioral science models and behavior change techniques. He has given many national lectures, presentations and workshops. In addition to his specialization in health psychology and behavioral science, Kevin has served as Team Psychologist for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2001.

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