A. Dara Dotz


A. Dara Dotz

Principle Designer and Co-Founder,
Field Ready

Dara is a pioneer in using design and exponential technology to solve challenges in austere environments, She has lived, worked and studied in over 37 countries designing tangible solutions for vulnerable populations. Dara combines her design strategy experience and rapid ethnographic assessment to empower others through technology. Two years after the earthquake in Haiti, she realized the extreme supply chain challenges and was motivated to tackle these, starting with deploying the first 3D printers in country as a way of addressing immediate needs. Subsequently, she co-founded Field Ready, an NGO that focuses on refactoring supply-chains and using hyper-local manufacturing to produce humanitarian supplies in the field. Field Ready has already brought disruptive technologies and taught locals to use them to create essential medical supplies, replacement parts for clinics, water pipe fittings and more in multiple countries. Field Ready's long ter m goal is to not only solve immediate needs but also to foster co-creation and resiliency in those communities and help them shift from aid to trade.

Dara's work focuses on enabling people at the edges in extreme and austere environments not only on Earth but off planet as well. She was the Human Factors Lead for Made In Space, Inc., when they built and launched the first gravity-independent 3D printer up to the International Space Station. Made in Space pioneered the technology to deliver solutions to the astronauts via email instead of the traditional approach involving rockets. Their approach reduced the time to send a solution from months or years to days or minutes.
She has expertise in product design, human factors, team building, leadership, and design thinking. Dara has lectured at the UN, MakerFaire, TEDx, and more about the potential of technology applied effectively to address human needs in remote environments.

Dara holds a BS in Industrial Design, and minor in International Business from MSCD, and has received numerous accolades for her creative applications of technology. Most recently at The White House she was recognized as a "Champions of Change" by the Obama Administration. In her free time Dara flies drones, is a certified Remote Emergency Medical Technician, works on prosthetics specifically designed for women, educates and inspires children around making, including refugees in America and abroad, and is passionate about developing tools for efficient search and rescue operations.

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