Healthcare Innovation Lab Companies

2018 Healthcare Innovation Lab Companies


Ably is a medical device startup addressing systemic healthcare challenges by completely rethinking and redesigning the hospital bed for the future of healthcare. The Ably team is developing a dynamic, intelligent hospital bed, with a bed frame comprised of 11 longitudinal springs with integrated sensors that allow for completely new movement possibilities that supports both patients and healthcare workers in their day-to-day life in the hospital. The sensor system is utilized for non-intrusive continuous monitoring of the patient status through tracking heart rate, respiration rate, weight and movement patterns. Coupled with machine learning capabilities, the bed frame and data streams is the foundation of a responsive hospital bed, that collaborates with nurses, knows the patient, and learns to react to critical situations. The Ably Bed will alleviate nurse burden, increase clinical efficiency, prevent the development of pressure ulcers, and decrease the number of in-hospital falls through a technology carefully designed and engineered specifically for the functions it should serve in a hospital setting. The technology is developed in close collaboration with users across the hospital, from physicians and nurses to service and maintenance staff to ensure a tailored solution to major cost-drivers in healthcare institutions across the globe.

Alavita Health

Alavita Health (formerly, Multisensor Diagnostics) is a Digital Health company enabled by an innovative device and supported by proprietary software and telehealth services. The MouthLabTM system gathers and integrates multiple vital health parameters through a simple-to-use, cloud- connected handheld rapid medical assessment device, with an AI-powered assessment engine to guide triage decisions. The result is a longitudinal series of daily snapshots of the patient’s “digitomeTM” or digital biomarkers to give caregivers and care providers an early warning system for timely and effective intervention.

Anthem (Major Sponsor of Exponential Medicine)


Anthem is working to transform health care with trusted and caring solutions. Our health plan companies deliver quality products and services that give their members access to the care they need. With over 73 million people served by its affiliated companies, including nearly 40 million within its family of health plans, Anthem is one of the nation’s leading health benefits companies.

Blue Vishnu

Blue Vishnu is a full service human 3D scanning and avatar creation company. They specialize in 3D scanning technologies and pipelines to produce photorealistic avatars quickly, effortlessly and to the highest quality possible.

Bold Health

We develop digital therapeutics for underserved and stress-sensitive physical chronic conditions, leveraging behavioral medicine and stress reduction techniques delivered via app. We start with IBS, which affects 15% of population.


CAPTUREPROOF tracks visual longitudi- nal progress capturing medical photos and videos over time. We are the leading HIPAA-compliant platform for the whole hospital to capture, compare, and share visual endpoints. TELEHEALTH 3.0 is a-synchronous telemedicine: decoupling medical care from time and location. Capture visual endpoints at an inpatient or outpa- tient bedside. Providers, patients and researchers can bene t from the CAPTUREPROOF web+ mobile apps alone or embed the viewer into another EHR or HIPAA application.


Care Angel is a pioneering healthcare platform that provides a range of population health services through our award-winning AI and voice, virtual nurse assistant, Angel. Clients can deploy an intelligent, data-driven method for effectively and efficiently monitoring and coordinating care for entire populations. Angel, helps to close gaps in care by proactively engaging and managing patient care between doctor visits, after an acute episode or hospitalization. The solution drastically reduces administrative, operational and clinical costs and improves outcomes. The product suite includes a patient and population dashboard to visualize data and analytics from both patient or population views.


Cast21 designs waterproof exoskeleton casts, braces, and splints for broken bones. These products are mass-manufactured at scale and can still custom-adapt to each patient’s unique size and shape without 3D printing, without heating elements, and without water. Due to the completely enclosed rigid structure of traditional fiberglass and plaster casts, they have been known to cause discomfort, odor, itchiness, and breakdown of the dermis and other soft tissue in 25% of pediatric patients alone. Issues such as these stem from two problems: 1) water, sweat, bacteria, and heat becoming trapped against the patient’s skin and 2) the inability of the patient to clean the affected area. Cast21 has developed a method of bone and joint immobilization that is 33% more efficient to apply and remove and is composed a radiolucent material, allowing it to be used in x-ray and CT imaging. The device is ⅓ the weight of a standard fiberglass cast and is waterproof to allow for greater patient mobility and hygiene. Patients are also thrilled that they can choose the color of their device and have their friends and family sign it.

Celularity (Exponential Medicine Innovation Sponsor)

Celularity is a biotechnology company that productizes allogeneic cells and tissues derived from the postpartum placenta. These materials have the ability to augment our immunity and longevity by amplifying the body’s ability to fight disease, heal, and regenerate itself.

Circadia Technologies

Circadia uses AI & neuroscience to improve sleep, mood, and energy. By nature, every individual has a body clock (also known as, our circadian rhythm). 1 in 3 in the US have an internal clock that is out of sync with external time, leading to problems with physiology, metabolism, and social problems. Yet, no consumer clinical solution exists to track circadian rhythms non-invasively. At Circadia, we've developed the world's first AI powered Circadian Tracker and paired that with a Circadian Coach app to track and improve circadian health in one closed loop. We believe that the power of Circadian tracking will unlock treatment for insomnia, weight loss, timed surgeries to boost healing, and timed drug dose delivery to improve cancer treatment. To-date we have $300K in pre-sales in 4-weeks, a testing collaboration partnership with Oxford University, and a strategic partnership interest from a Fortune 50 company.


Braincare is a noninvasive solution that monitors intracranial pressure through a wireless sensor connected to a cloud service. By simply placing a sensor to a patient’s head, collected data is sent to a cloud algorithm that interprets ICP’s pulse morphology and trend over time. This valuable information supports critical medical decisions with life saving implications. Before it was only accessible through skull perforation surgical procedures, but now it accessible, affordable and safe. The cost of a traditional ICP surgical procedure equates to a year’s worth of unlimited ICP measurement with BrainCare services. This translates into exponential accessibility. The solution is based on the principle of bone deformation, breaking a 200 year old paradigm that defines the cranial box as a rigid structure that does not undergo deformations.The method has been affirmed by eight scientific researches completed in Brazil, Portugal and the United Kingdom. An additional body of fourteen more are in progress the Americas and Europe and soon studies will begin in the United States.What makes Braincare unique and impactful:We have "blue-oceaned" the way intracranial pressure (ICP) is monitored: it's now noninvasive and accessible!Our talents are purpose driven: from day 1 we centered on human values and defined our purpose as "to challenge the status quo to save lives and reduce suffering globally".Our business philosophy stems from a legitimate commitment to the success of the users we serve.We enable disruptive affordability: our unique non-invasive ICP method aligns with health systems trends & challenges. It means global affordability: anytime, anywhere; very low cost; ease of use; and no patient at risk!We are about deep social impact: we can transform ICP into an additional vital sign that can be measured as easy as capturing a pulse rate, a body temperature, a respiration rate or a blood pressure. We will enable exponential progress in researches that correlates ICP with pathologies and this will positively impact billions around globe

Dance 4 Healing

Did you know: Creative Arts Therapy (CAT) is known to improve cancer patients' QoL by 50%, reduce pain by 59%, reduce risk of dementia by 76%, cardiovascular death by 46%? Dance4Healing is the first telehealth social venture to provide personalized CAT using artificial intelligence and behavior design to cultivate healthy behavior change in a fun way. Founded by Amy Li months after she conquered stage IV cancer, our mission is to alleviate mental and physical pain, improve quality of life, accelerate patient recovery, and reduce medical costs. Our tele-exercise platform is leading telehealth into physical rehabilitation, bringing community support and exercise to home care. We use feedback from patient monitoring to record individual progress and suggest follow-up therapies. Our social platform connects and matches people ranging from dance teachers to therapists, and clinicians to chronic patients, the elderly, care-partners, friends and families. Dance4Healing started with a very successful Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program, then expanded to eldercare and chronic patients due to popularity and market demand. We have been praised by participating patients and physicians, and won numerous awards, such as Stanford Medicine X Healthcare Design Award, First Runner Up at Partners Connected Health Fit Mind Challenge, sponsored by AARP, and Top 5 semifinalist worldwide for Pfizer's Advancing Care for mBC Patients Challenge. We have also been invited to speak at conferences like SXSW, Health 2.0, HXR, HTF. Watch our patient video and be inspired by how their lives transformed. We also just launched "Stage IV” Magazine to increase outreach. Stage IV Wicked Wisdom Network: A global network of leaders who champion for creative arts therapy, integrative medicine, behavior health, patient advocacy, and healthcare innovation.

Deloitte (Platinum Partner of Singularity University Summits)

Deloitte's Life Sciences & Health Care industry group strives to support clients in addressing the challenges that impact today’s industry. Deloitte member firms' global network engages with clients to develop innovative solutions to help them achieve their business missions.


Enlitic Inc. is a pioneer in medical deep learning that leverages its proprietary algorithms to quickly and accurately improve healthcare diagnosis. With a platform developed by renowned data scientists, machine learning practitioners and medical experts, Enlitic is able to analyze a wide variety of healthcare data sources, including billions of clinical cases, to improve diagnostic accuracy, speed and patient outcomes, as well as accelerate pharmaceutical research and drug trials.

Follow App

The FollowApp team is responsible for patient onboarding and designing customized intervention strategies for each at discharge. They follow up with patients on a set schedule to assist with general questions, medication instructions, and follow-up appointments.

Fujifilm (Exponential Medicine Innovation Sponsor)

In 1936, Fujifilm launched its healthcare business with X-ray film. With the primary goal of improving patient outcomes, we continued to innovate and invest in digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound, healthcare IT, contract development and manufacturing, regenerative medicine and new drug development.

With an organization the size of Fujifilm and its various healthcare divisions, it seems inevitable that our focus is on the big picture: the efforts needed to make regenerative therapies a reality; the technologies needed to spread the reach of diagnostic imaging across continents and cultures; and the informatics to link it all up.


Biological models for training surgery techniques and simulation with high precision.

We provide an ex-vivo biological material for high-fidelity surgical simulation to assist physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, and healthcare students to have a learning experience that is closer to the actual situation at a cost of at least 10x lower, using a biomaterial, which goes through a process of assembly, sterilization and embalming, and can be sent anywhere in the world.

Alongside this material, we developed a technology for objective evaluation of medical skills in surgical techniques, combining hardware, software and intelligence in surgical procedures
In our Developing Surgical Skill course, students can leverage their surgical skills and increase their confidence in operating.

Human Longevity, Inc. (Exponential Medicine Innovation Sponsor)

Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is the genomics-based, health intelligence company empowering proactive healthcare and enabling a life better lived. HLI combines its database of genomic and phenotypic data with machine learning to drive discoveries and revolutionize the practice of medicine. HLI’s business focus includes the HLI Health Nucleus, a genomic-powered, clinical research and discovery center which uses whole genome sequence analysis, advanced clinical imaging and innovative machine learning, along with curated personal health information, to deliver the most complete picture of individual health.


Intellimedicine has developed a proprietary platform technology for creation of on-demand, individualized medications to address the challenges of adherence and personalization. ‘IntelliMeds’ will match the individual’s needs, combining multiple medications into a single capsule in personalized doses, and providing the ability to adjust dosing and combinations based on patient data, improving adherence and health outcomes.

iSono Health

iSono Health is transforming breast cancer screening by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and automated ultrasound to empower women and physicians with accessible and personalized breast health monitoring.

Janus Choice

Janus Choice provides hospitals an AI-augmented decision-making tool that guides and follows patients from the hospital to the full recovery, leading to better outcomes for all participants in the process, including hospitals, post-acute care providers, payers, and most of all patients.

JoMI Surgical Video Journal

Journal of Medical Insight ( is a peer-reviewed surgical video journal / virtual operating theatre. The goal of JOMI is to improve healthcare by creating a window into the practice of the best surgeons around the world.

Klick Health (Major Sponsor of Exponential Medicine)

Klick Health is the world's largest independent health marketing and commercialization agency headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. It also has an office in New York and teams across the United States. The company offers marketing, operational, and learning services, such as custom web application development, consulting, content and creative development, web analytics, e-Learning course development and learning management systems, website design and web usability consultation to the healthcare industry.

Life Singularity, Inc.

Life Singularity (, a "data network effect" venture in AI/VR-driven health, offers a breakthrough predictive health platform with a virtual health assistant that combines empathy with innovative avatar-based technology, advanced sensing of emotions, behaviors and lifestyles, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that generates actionable, real-time data and intelligent analytics, enabling clinicians to make better, timelier and “predictive” care decisions, catching the disease ahead of time. Life Singularity recently became a proud member of NVIDIA AI Inception virtual accelerator and Amazon AWS Activate Global Startups Programs and has been nominated into Google Cloud Program for Startups. NVIDIA, Google and Amazon AWS feedback has been great and their teams are working with us to help us scale our breakthrough predictive health platform delivering personalized, geospatial monitoring with a strong focus on “prospective” virtual care for prevention of health events. The global value proposition of Life Singularity is at the intersection of Individualized Precision Health, AI-driven Predictive Analytics, IoT (Internet-of-Things) and AR/VR to lower healthcare costs, improve customer experience and deliver better health outcomes. We integrate the Behavome and the Exposome (Environment and its impact on health). We are an AI/VR company which is developing a virtual AI assistant (a personalized neural network for every individual) by developing a Health Internet of You (genome, biosensors, drones, IoT, smart homes and Environmental Health) and applying deep learning models virtual care. Life Singularity aims to provide personalized health product and services using real-time, location-based AI-driven, AR/VR interventions through virtual physicians avatars and Geo-coded Health, Big Data Analytics, SAAS model to institutions, companies as well as individuals.

Lucid Science

Lucid Science - - a machine learning company that is transforming the way we see cancer in partnership with Cedars-Sinai and MD Anderson. The company has created a Virtual Reality microscope can identify key components in the composition of cancer tissue, and we can use that information to improve the accuracy of clinical pathology, and to deliver better diagnosis, prognosis, and more effective therapies. We announce at the Biden Cancer Summit in Washington in September 2018. password: lucidity (NOTE: This is a 2D promo. Happy to do a Virtual Reality demo upon request)

Lumas Health

We are building a platform that will seamlessly link different parts of a patients' journey through healthcare surrounding cardiac emergencies. If a patient experiences an event, the system will alert EMS and provide information about the patient, as well as the hospital system. The platform has a blockchain hyperledger core and is designed to put data in the hands of patients.

Maestro Games

Maestro Games is a social purpose corporation working with Universities and Healthcare Providers to develop health and wellness game products. Our launch gaming product, "The Last Maestro" (TM) interweaves virtual reality, music and conducting into an interactive, fun and relaxing experience. Maestro Games uses biometrics and gaming data to provide clinicians an accurate picture of our product's impact.


Medici is shifting the care delivery paradigm for doctors and their patients. By enabling new virtual care delivery models, Medici strengthens the Doctor-Patient relationship and helps drive improved outcomes by connecting patients with their own doctor or care team for virtual care.

MIMOSA Diagnostics

MIMOSA is a patient focused mHealth innovator using artificial intelligence to transform preventative and emergency healthcare. Using multi-spectral mobile tissue analysis technology, MIMOSA can detect physiological changes in tissue, enabling monitoring and triage for patients living with chronic conditions (such as diabetes) as well as emergency responders in the field. MIMOSA is a simple attachment for iPhone and Android devices that puts patients at the centre of healthcare.


Muse the brain sensing headband makes meditation easy. It provides real time feedback on your meditation to answer that question of "am i doing it right". Muse actually tracks your brain while you meditate and makes the process of meditation data driven, tangible, and enjoyable. Muse had been featured in WSJ, NYT, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, etc, and used by over 200 different research institutions including Mayo Clinic, NASA and Harvard. It's also used by major corporations to help their employees meditate, and by hundreds of thousands of people regularly to help access all of meditation's amazing benefits.

My Digital Health Network

MyDigitalHealth Network (MDHN) is a turnkey mobile healthcare platform for patients with heart failure. It provides a totally integrated solution for monitoring key clinical factors; maintaining medication compliance; delivering targeted video content associated with CHF; and creating a communications linkage with the cardiologist/NP team. MDHN has experienced 2X improvement in hospital readmission (current average 33% within 90 days) via pilot with the Heart & Vascular Institute, and expansion to the Palo Alto VA and to Mexico.


Currently, there’s no clinical standard to detect subtle brain pathology. We’ve all felt the pain of recognizing changes in friends and family, sometimes after a precipitating event like a fall, car accident, or some other disturbing change in behavior or cognition. But while advances in wearables have enabled us easy access to monitor vital signs: respiration rate, temperature, EGC, and blood pressure, brain health tools are still stuck in the 1970’s. Surveys, subjective evaluations, and time-consuming cognitive tests have been state-of-the-art clinical practice for many decades.

neuroFit changes that. Built on a series of groundbreaking NASA, NSF, USAF, & ONR research projects, the neuroFit platform integrates data from several sources, including a new class of medical device that uses eye movements coupled with an analytics platform to create a personalized assessment of brain health.

Our oculometric platform enables at-risk patients to be screened, creating new markets by allowing physicians to provide better care and enable better outcomes. For pharmaceutical companies, our solution expands their market by unlocking treatment of previously prodromal patients. For medical care providers, our business model includes software subscriptions and our innovative clinical device; for consumers: wellness apps, and screening within a VR form factor.


Neurorehab device using brain-computer-interface technology to help relearn neural pathways for post-stroke patients. The device processes brain signals from the contra-lesional motor cortex to control a wearable robotic device which opens the patients hand when he/she thinks to do so.


NiVax is a transnational (US and Nigeria-based) company developing antibody-based therapeutics in camelids. The initial targets in development include a passive immunotherapy for malaria, and a polyclonal immunotherapy for human immune checkpoint inhibition.

OneSource Solutions International

OneSource Solutions International (OSSI) is a Health Information Technology company. We are reimagining and rethinking how medical professionals work and collaborate in a hospital. By leveraging the power of IoT and by intelligently redirecting the flow of data in a hospital, we empower team collaboration and enhance team communication to improve the timely delivery of higher quality patient care at a lower cost. Our OneSource platform merges data aggregation, medical device integration, team collaboration and communication into a single platform, providing actionable data to the right person at the right time, enabling more timely and accurate decision-making. Our medical-grade IoT technology addresses interoperabilities and connectivity issues in hospitals, and provides users with near real-time data and waveforms from patient monitors, medical devices, the lab system, the digital imaging systems and the electronic medical record. Our OneSource platform is AI Ready, laying the the future infrastructure for medical grade, edge computing and bedside AI.

Orig3n (Exponential Medicine Innovation Sponsor)

Recent scientific breakthroughs are revolutionizing the way we think about DNA and health. Orig3n is on a mission to turn these discoveries into practical solutions and make them available to you.

PhenoMx, Inc.

PhenoMx is commercializing a personalized digital exam to directly measure the major vital organs & tissues from a whole body perspective, utilizing: non-invasive medical imaging to acquire data, automation algorithms to quantify images, & AI to develop predictive analytics for improved health & longevity.

Pulson Inc/Counterpace

Exercise just got easier. When we exercise, muscles throughout our bodies simultaneously pump arterial and venous blood toward the heart with every step, helping us meet the extraordinary O​2​ delivery demands of our exercising muscle. Timing rhythmic activity in perfect sync with our heart’s pump cycle is called natural counterpulsation - it feels magical because it dramatically decreases blood pressure while increasing cardiac and skeletal muscle oxygen​ delivery. Pulson’s proprietary Counterpace®​ ​ guidance ensures you coordinate the timing of these two pumps to enhance performance, endurance, experience, energy and health in ways not previously possible for most individuals.


RetiSpec is a medical imaging company developing a tool for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in the eye using machine learning. RetiSpec’s test is noninvasive, simple to administer, and inexpensive compared to current practices. This advantage of accessible and scalable screening enables widespread early detection of Alzheimer’s disease pathology. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and is part of the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI), Biomedical Zone, NEXT Canada, Ontario Centre of Excellence and The Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI)’s network of companies.


RMDY’s SaaS platform powers Digital Therapeutics and patient engagement programs for leading healthcare organizations. SaaS system is used to design, build and transform white-label digital health strategies for chronic disease management, onboarding, wellness and population health.


SciBac is a preclinical company located in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2015. SciBac creates rEvolutionary live biotherapeutics that treat and prevent antibiotic resistant disease in the microbiome. We improve beneficial microorganisms using our novel DRIVE technology. DRIVE is a non-GMO method that allows us to mate different species of microbes to form hybrids. We design our hybrids to be similar to breeding a mule. Like a mule has the patience and strength of a donkey and the athleticism and speed of a horse, our hybrid microbes retain the best traits from both parents to improve survivability and efficacy. Our first indication targets Clostridium difficile infections with four mechanisms of action. SciBac’s second product treats and prevents chronic Pseudomonas and Staph infections in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients. We have raised $1.25MM, have $500k of revenue from industrial pilot projects, and are currently negotiating a $2.5-3MM non-dilutive grant.



Epilepsy is a complex disease affecting 65million people with one commonality: seizures. The number of seizures is the basis of any medical decision to select or alter the right treatment and for approving drugs for their efficacy. Despite its clear importance, there is no objective solution for outside of the hospital (besides patient reported via pen and paper). SeizeIT is a multimodal wearable high precision, clinically accurate seizure detection 24/7 validated against standard of care video EEG with over 100 patients. The prototype captures the majority of clinically meaningful seizures, in non-stigmatizing form factor (behind ear). The captured biosignals: EEG, ECG, EMG, ACC, EDA (synchronize w Byteflies sensor dots).

Sentio Solutions

Sentio Solutions is developing digital biomarkers and therapeutics to change the way we diagnose, monitor, and care for Mental Health. Our first product, Feel, is an emotion-sensing wristband and app, that provides continuous monitoring and real-time personalized interventions for individuals that suffer from anxiety and depression. Feel consists of 3 parts: the Wristband, Proprietary Algorithms, and the Mobile Application. Our solution for Augmented Mental Health uses a combination of evidence-based behavioral techniques and Feel the company’s emotion recognition technology.


Seqster, pronounced "seek-ster," is the first and only health data management platform that enables organizations to empower their employees, members, or patients to collect, own and share all of their health, DNA and fitness data in one HIPAA compliant secure digital platform.

Steth IO

Steth IO is a digital health start-up company that builds a smartphone-based stethoscope and related software with artificial intelligence & machine learning for health providers and patients to diagnose and monitor heart and lung conditions. Our patented technology offers visualization of heart and lung sounds as well as automatic interpretation of these sounds and we are poised to address markets of over $10 billion dollars in the cardiovascular and pulmonary diagnosis and monitoring. This technology is approved by the FDA and being used by physicians across the USA.


Textpert is an LA-based Ai brand focused on decoding emotion. The company is leading the convergence of Ai and mental healthcare with its newest product: AiME, Artificial Intelligence Mental Evaluation. AiME speaks with patients then analyzes their facial expressions, vocal prosody, and speech content. The neural network model detects risk of mental disorders & addiction then produces a precise, objective and nuanced report on depression, anxiety, and addiction risk.

Think and Zoom

Think and Zoom is a solution that offers "Brian Control for Blind Assistive Tech". The company is focused on innovations to help the visually impaired succeed. The solution allows people who are visually impaired to use their thoughts in controlling the assistive tech they use like electronic magnifiers so they can have their hands free and experienced a greater productive experience. It leverages EEG and brainwaves to deliver an improved user experience to those with visual impairment.


ThinkingNode™ brings a breakthrough Distributed Artificial Intelligence technology based on Systems Reasoning through Causal Context Networks. Systems Reasoning is a new AI approach for modeling complex systems into reasoning networks using a unified cognitive framework to represent human reasoning at a highly scaleable level. Systems Reasoning Computing technology models causation and will lead to a major transition in the AI markets, particularly in Life Sciences. Imagine if a doctor could gather all the known cause-effect interactions of her patient’s health factors such as current medications, vitals, genetics, environment, history, etc. AND have the reasoning capacity to combine all of them intelligently to diagnose or intervene with the most personalized treatments. ThinkingNode™ makes this possible.


Tonal – the world’s most intelligent fitness system – enables you to be your strongest by providing an effective fitness program tailored to you, your goals, and your schedule. Combining cutting-edge, all-in-one equipment and personalized video guidance, it’s like having a personal trainer, on demand, in the convenience of your home.


Verily is developing tools to collect and organize health data, then creating interventions and platforms that put insights derived from that health data to use for more holistic care management.


VivaLNK is a provider of connected healthcare solutions for wellness, patient care, and telemedicine. The company’s portfolio includes wearable medical grade devices and data analytics applications that continuously monitor the health and well-being of individuals.

Wavelet Health

Healthcare systems are not equipped with the right tools to address epidemics affecting the aging population who suffer from multiple conditions and low treatment and drug compliance. There is an unmet need for tools that help transform medical practice to a proactive state, from its current reactive state, facilitate preventive medicine and optimize disease management.

As Wavelet Health, our goal is to modernize medicine by replacing analog, spot-check, single-purpose health monitoring devices with continuous convenient connected devices that can provide long-term multi-parametric health monitoring. Wavelet Health’s wearable and connected device platform is designed to empower health professionals and researchers by giving them access to raw sensor signals, and enable them to measure health in new and better ways.

Partnering with over 100 research institutions across academia, research hospitals, biopharma and insurance, we have been working for the last few years to develop a fully integrated platform including multiple wearable devices, mobile and web applications, and validated machine learning and signal processing algorithms. Using our platform solution researchers are able to discover new digital biomarkers to screen, diagnose, manage and better treat patients. Several of our research partners have already developed new digital biomarkers for atrial fibrillation, apnea, heart failure and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) levering data collected from Wavelet’s wearable device platform in multiple clinical trials.

Welwaze Medical

We have developed a safe, affordable and accurate device to aid women, regardless of their geography or socio economic status, to early detect breast cancer.



The first FDA cleared dry electrode EEG headset and cloud platform that will make medical grade EEG available anywhere, anytime. Zeto is a medical technology startup transforming EEG (Electroencephalography) for healthcare. We are solving a problem that has remained unsolved since EEG was invented in 1924, i.e., an archaic, tedious approach that consumes time, requires a trained operator and puts the patient through a poor experience. Due to the scarcity of trained operators and this outdated process, EEG is unavailable in most hospitals, ERs and in many countries. Zeto’s Instant EEG Platform (zEEG) provides a zero-prep, wireless, dry electrode headset that can be used to perform a routine or urgent EEG anywhere without the need for a technician. Data is immediately streamed to a secure cloud platform that provides live display, tools for analysis and optional remote interpretation by neurologists. So easy to use, zEEG will offer more functionality than currently available EEG systems, while improving the top line. Zeto is supported by theEpilepsy Foundation and has received strong interest from large hospital and physician customers alike. Democratizing EEG with such a seamless Data+AI platform opens significant opportunities for conditions such as Epilepsy, Stroke, Concussion, PTSD, and Sleep disorders.