Conference Review: Exponential Medicine 2015


I was fortunate to attend this most unusual event recently. The meeting is intended for physicians, basic science researchers, academics, industry, and anyone interested in what medicine will look like in the next 30 years. The technology world was well represented especially in the area of sensors, mobile health, virtual reality, advanced diagnostics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and of course big data. It was like stepping into the future on steroids. The meetings origins stem from Singularity University, the brainchild of Peter Diamandis (founder of the X prizes) and Ray Kurzweil ( the foremost futurist whose predictions have been over 80% accurate). Both of them spoke.

The chair of the meeting was Daniel Kraft, a Stanford and Harvard trained physician in hematology/oncology who is also on the faculty of UCSF. He delivered several rapid fire presentations coordinated with slides and video that was completely engaging. He will be giving a keynote speech at the upcoming A4M meeting next month that is not to be missed. On day one, I sat next to a medical resident who flew in from South Korea just for this meeting and during the meeting met many people from other countries who all shared an entrepreneurial bias. There was more than enough to fill anyone’s curiosity. I cannot possibly cover everything in this brief review but will highlight some things that caught my attention as a functional medicine practitioner, author and examiner:


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