2013 Participant Testimonials

2013 Applause and Acclaim

Exponential is the theme, but Transformational is the feeling.
-Christopher Diaz

Absolutely incredible. World class speakers and attendees all working to drive the future of medicine. Entrepreneurs, visionaries, doctors, scientists and medical business leaders from around the globe collide for an experience like no other. Highly recommended!
-Mario Nucci, MD

A must for everyone involved in health: feet grounded in the here and now and an eye in the future.
-Gabriela Cora, MD, MBA

The best healthcare conference I attended all year. Mind-expanding presentations, very interesting and diverse attendees.
-Christopher Herot

Inspiring, motivating and intellectually stimulating. It reaffirmed what I do for a living and inspired me to push harder and do more! I'm energized to make it happen and am thankful to have been able to attend and to meet the people I met over those precious days.
-Kristin Milburn

A place where people who want to change the world can meet the people who currently are.
-Jeffrey Rousseau

Four days of immersion in innovation and networking with like-minded people has opened doors I didn't know existed, as well as provided examples of success that will help me realize my own ideas for the future.
-Bruce Korf

I saw the future of Medicine. And I liked it.
-Getúlio Morato

A must attend for any healthcare leader. More value than any conference I have attended in the last 20 years.
-Joseph Nowoslawski

Massive enlightenment into the complexity of a system that each and every one of us will come to rely on at some point in our lives. I cannot fathom a more important area to explore than the Future of Medicine... and this conference brought it into full focus.
-Joseph W. Gough

I have never been so inspired, so many times, in such a short period of time.
-Brad Younggren



The experience last week helped me not only to look into the future of Medicine and Healthcare, but also to recognize current opportunities to improve my projects.

Thanks again for everything. Attending Exponential Medicine was one of the most worthwhile experiences I've ever had.

Exponential Medicine is a remarkable blend of science, technology, creativity, aspiration, global awareness, collegiality and friendship. You will emerge a better human.

Never before has the need been greater...but never before have we been armed with the tools we need. Lets pour petrol on healthcare entrepreneurs and ignite their energies ... lets build them into this new-world ecosystem, that Exponential Medicine has given us a glimpse of, and collectively create opportunities that we never dreamed existed!

Exponential Medicine allowed me to see beyond the horizon that we are usually limited to. And I'm very excited about what I saw!

Exponential Medicine’s immersive fast-forward experience sparks with bright new insights, and provides incredibly fertile ground to nurture innovation opportunities in healthcare

I never thought that 144 intense hours were available to change my perspective on the future of health and medicine. This was a life-changing experience with the leaders in the industry. As a startup, now I'm ready to revolutionize the world.

When you immerse yourself in an environment of passionate, inspired, patient centered, out of the box thinkers, you can’t help but change modern healthcare!!!

Exponential Medicine beautifully blew my mind. And thanks for a GREAT arrangement, program and now, I am able to shape the future of medicine and health care!

An eye-opening and inspirational journey into the future of health and medicine.

The most awe inspiring, thought-stimulating and action-provoking conference I have ever attended. And I've been to many.