2012 Participant Testimonials

2012 Applause and Acclaim

Best healthcare conference I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot of them).

Exponential Medicine will blow you away, challenging health barriers, informing you of the latest research, and inspire you to create and change the world.There is no other place on the planet where science combines with creativity to help solve global problems than SU and Exponential Medicine. Thank you for an awesome week!

What's it like to look into a crystal ball? Attend Exponential Medicine and you'll see.

It inspired me to create circumstances of success....

A mind-blowing six days of learning that turned my world on its head. Life needs restructuring for the Future.

One of the most informative and inspiring meetings I have ever attended. An excellent, productive week.

Exponential Medicine was a Cook's tour of medical technologies taken with a fantastic group of people that will change your outlook on medicine.

These were my first days in the future.

Potent mix of intergalactic optimism, down-to-earth pragmatism and cutting-edge technical expertise. Exponential Medicine isn't about medicine, it's about the future of humanity. After a week with this incredible group of brilliant and caring people, I'm ready to change the world!

No matter what you do or what you know, Exponential Medicine will take you to the next level. It is one of those precious life-changing experiences that fundamentally change your perspective.

The best part of Exponential Medicine was the convergence of talented attendees and the opportunity to meet some of the foremost innovators of our time (present and future). Exponential Medicine encourages everyone to push against boundaries and (as clichéd as it sounds) change the world in the process.

Fantastic! I've never been at something like this! Thanks to high density of smart and active people in one place, my vision (in life science, medicine and technologies) is completely upgraded!

Mind expanding, and tremendously inspiring.

Exponential Medicine amazed me with the huge number of people working on their passions.

I thought my eyes were open to the speed and impact of technological change across my field until I attended Exponential Medicine 2012.........I had no idea!

Amazing diversity of people.