7 Healthcare Bunker Busters From Exponential Medicine 2015


Attending Exponential Medicine was a mind-blowing experience as Daniel Kraft, MD, curated a great mix of speakers and a community of attendees to match. The official program was chock full of interesting speakers, but it was the conversations with other attendees that was the most fascinating part of the event. Though much of what was highlighted on stage looked five or more years out, I’ve captured the implications for this year and next. This should set the foundation for realizing the potential of the exponential technologies discussed.

A recurring theme from the discussions over meals and breaks revolved around how there was a $3 trillion fortress that has been built with many incumbents going into bunker mentality to protect their turf (a.k.a. revenue). The seven ideas below are how many of the thought leaders in attendance believe the under-performing healthcare bunker can be busted.


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