3 DNA Technologies That Will Forever Change Your Home Life

BY: SingularityHUB

You’ve likely heard that the DNA revolution is here, but we’ve yet to see it manifest in our daily lives and homes.

Speaking at this year’s Exponential Medicine conference, Raymond McCauley talked about how our expanded abilities to read, write and hack DNA are opening up entirely new possibilities.

Here are three innovations in DNA technologies that could transform our home lives in the near future:

1. Networked household objects that track and report on health
Sequencing the first human genome was a Herculean task that took over a decade to complete at a cost of nearly 3 billion U.S. dollars. Today, anyone can have their entire genome sequenced in 12 hours for $1000, and companies are racing towards a future where sequencing a complete human genome costs just $100.

McCauley predicts that in 2018, the cost of sequencing a human genome will be under $20, or the cost of a delivery pizza. By 2022, it’ll be the same cost as flushing a toilet. More than that, he imagines we’ll likely have gene sequencers inside toilets.

In fact, McCauley believes that toilets will be the most networked appliance in the home of the future. One day, not only will toilets sense how healthy our bodies and diets are, they’ll provide tips, such as, “You’ve really got to stop eating chorizo.”

Currently, the limiting factor for DNA reading to become more commercialized is developing the right software to interpret all the data, so that we can gain meaningful insights from the long lines of As, Ts, Cs, and Gs.


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