2019 Program

2019 Program

Day One: Monday, November 4th

Platinum Participant & Faculty Luncheon

11:45 AM - 1 PM

1:00 PM

Session 1

Welcome + Reimagining The Future Of Medicine

Welcome and framing to the four days Exponential Medicine (xMed): How is technology converging, and enabling the reinvention of health & medicine across the care continuum.

Will Weisman, Executive Director, Summits. Singularity University

Daniel Kraft MD Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine. Faculty Chair for Medicine, Singularity University.

1:45 PM

Session 2

Exponentials Essentials & Updates

Tools to build the future. An update on how rapidly developing technologies are advancing, what is cutting edge today and implications for the future.

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning

Neil Jacobstein, Faculty Chair for AI & Robotics, Singularity University

Robotics, Humans & Hybridization: The New Surgical Team

Catherine Mohr, M.D. President, Intuitive Foundation

Big Data & Deep Learning

Michael Gillam, MD. CEO & Founder HealthLab


Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Design Officer, Veritas Genetics

Break: Merge, Meet, Mix And Recharge

3:00 PM

3:30 PM

Session 3

Exponentials Essentials & Updates Part II

Integrating the Microbiome in Medicine

Jack Gilbert PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, UC San Diego

Blockchain in Healthcare - The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Heather Flannery Board Chair of Blockchain in Healthcare Global

Mariya Filipova, VP of Innovation, Anthem Inc

Health Utility Network Founding Members

Virtual, Augmented & Extended Reality

Rafael Grossmann MD, Surgeon & Virtualist

(im)Patient Innovation

Richard Hanbury, CEO Sana Health

5:00 PM

Session 4

Convergence, Artistry & Adjacencies

As adjacent fields are converging, new and unexpected approaches to solving biomedicine’s grand challenges are emerging. How can novel forms of visualization enable a better understanding of human and environmental health.

Convergence of Frontiers in Veterinary & Human Medicine.

Eleanor M. Green DVM, Dean Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Visualizing Health & Disease

Alexander Tsiaris, Founder & CEO, StoryMD

Fantastic Fungi and Visual Healing

Louie Schwartzberg, Film Director & Cinematographer

Exponential Entrepreneurship

Naveen Jain, Founder & CEO of Viome

6:15 PM

Session 5


Changing the Questions: From Healthcare to Health

Rebecca Onie & Rocco Perla, Co-founders of The Health Initiative

Redesigning Healthcare

Stacey Chang, Executive Director of the Design Institute for Health, Dell Medical School

Dinner Under The Stars: Hotel del Coronado

Windsor Lawn
With Faculty Discussion Led Tables

7:30 PM

Innovation Games

9:00 PM

Day Two: Tuesday, November 5th

Breakfast In The Innovation Lab + Morning Activities:

Beach Run/Walk, Yoga, Meditation, Art

7:00 AM

8:30 AM

Session 6

The Neobiological Revolution

The accelerating ability to both read and write DNA and to understand and manipulate human biology has major implications for the future of healthcare and humanity.

Jane Metcalfe, Founder Neo.Life Cofounder WIRED

Andrew Hessel, CEO, Humane Genomics

Kari Nadeau MD, PhD, Director of the Sean Parker Center for Allergy & Asthma Research at Stanford University, Section Chief of Allergy and Asthma at the Stanford School of Medicine

9:30 AM

Session 7

Digital Health & Medicine. From Inception To Impact

As mobile sensors, data and informatics converge, novel approaches to diagnosis, disease management and discovery are making their way to our wrists, and now physical and virtual clinics. What are the lessons, and potential going forward?

Dave Albert, MD, Founder, & Chief Medical Officer, AliveCor

Suraj Kapa MD, Director, Augmented and Virtual Reality Innovation, Professor of Medicine Mayo Clinic

Yonatan Adiri, Founder & CEO,

Jennifer Goldsack, Executive Director, Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

Nigam Shah MBBS, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics) and Biomedical Data Science, Stanford Medical School

Break: Recharge, Refresh & Explore The xMed Innovation Lab

10:40 AM

11:10 AM

Session 8

Medicine And The Machine:

Medscape editor-in-chief Eric Topol, MD, and master storyteller and clinician Abraham Verghese, MD, will explore ‘Medicine and the Machine’ and discuss the power and pitfalls of artificial intelligence and how technology will change modern medicine.

Eric Topol, MD, Founder and Director, Scripps Research Translational Institute

Abraham Verghese, MD, Professor for the Theory and Practice of Medicine and Senior Associate Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine. Stanford Medical School

Session 9

Reinventing The Regulator and Services For The Digital Age

As medical devices, software and AI merge, how can novel solutions be demonstrate their safety and efficacy and be regulated effectively? How do governments leverage digital tools to create health equity and impact?

Asif Dhar, MD, Chief Health Informatics Officer & Principal, DeloitteConsulting

Lunch: Meet The xMed Faculty At Designated Tables

12:30 PM

1:30 PM

Breakout Sessions I

70 minute interactive, breakout sessions:

Includes deep dives with faculty from prior sessions.

3:00 PM

Session 10

Abundance, Bold Thinking & Massive Transformative Purpose

An interactive session with Peter Diamandis.

Peter Diamandis MD, XPRIZE founder and Chairman, Co-founder of Singularity University

3:30 PM

Session 11

Vision.Health: Seeing Beyond & Future Of Diagnostics

Beyond the standard labs and radiology, exponential technologies are enabling new forms of sensing and diagnostics. This session will focus on decoding the opportunities that machine vision promises over the decade ahead.

Leerom Segal, CEO, Co-founder, Klick Health

Kamran Shah, EVP Technology & Media Klick Health

4:10 PM

Session 12

Accelerating Cures & Future Of Pharma

From Big Pharma to patients turned researchers, what are novel approaches and mindsets to discovering, testing and implementing therapies for common to rare diseases.

Ameet Nathwani MD, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President, Sanofi

David Fajgenbaum MD MBA, Asst Professor, Division of Translational Medicine & Human Genetics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Author of ‘Chasing My Cure: A Doctor’s Race to Turn Hope Into Action’

Sean Escola MD PhD, Co-founder & CEO, System 1 Biosciences

Break: Recharge, Connect And Explore The xMed Innovation Lab

5:00 PM

5:30 PM

Session 13

Lifespan, Healthspan & the Future of Humanity

Is there an upstream basis that drives the hallmarks of aging? From epigenetics to sensolytics and CRISPR, what are the promises, perils and ethical challenges in altering or optimizing our biology.

David Sinclair PhD. Co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School

Jamie Metzl JD PhD, Senior Fellow ,The Atlantic Council. Author of Hacking Darwin. Author of Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering & the Future of Humanity


Now Hear This: Music, Health & Medicine

Brothers Koren: Issac & Thorald Koren

introduction by Frank Fitzpatrick, CEO EarthTones

6:40 PM

Session 14

And In The End…

Until there is a ‘cure’ for aging, how we want to die represents one of the most important and costly conversations most of us are not having

Michael Hebb, Founder of Death Over Dinner

Session 15

Hippocratic Oath 2.0

How will the roles, responsibilities and obligations of both industry and healthcare professionals evolve in our exponential age? Do we need a new Hippocratic Oath. Does Industry need one as well?

Jordan Shlain MD. Private Medical

Dinner Under The Stars - Hotel Del Coronado, Windsor Lawn

Faculty Discussion Tables

Death Over Dinner Discussion Tables

Evening Activities

Parallel Options Include

  • Platinum & Faculty Reception
  • Screening Of ‘Fantastic Fungi’ Movie
  • Shots & Moonshots
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony

7:30 PM

Day Three: Wednesday, November 6th

Breakfast In The Innovation Lab + Morning Activities:

Beach Run/Walk, Yoga, Meditation, Art

7:00 AM

8:30 AM

Session 16

Neuromedicine At The Frontier

Our understanding of the brain and mind is accelerating. This session will explore the cutting edge, from consciousness, to preventing and treating neuro pathologies.

Rudolph Tanzi PhD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Co-Director Center for Brain Health at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Divya Chander MD PhD, Chair for Neuroscience, Singularity University

Guru Banavar, CTO, Viome

Shai Efrati MD, Director of The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research. Tel Aviv University

BREAK: Refresh, Recharge & Connect In The Innovation Lab

10:10 AM

10:40 AM

Session 17

The Future Of Clinical Care: AnyTime, AnyWare, AnyBody.

Who does what, when and where? New tools for preparation and practice to upskilling and collaboration. The blending of in-person and virtual care, avatars, to AI enabled decision support is reshaping how and where healthcare happens.

Jennifer Radin, Healthcare Chief Innovation Officer & Future of Work Leader, Deloitte Consulting

Shafi Ahmed MD, Professor of Surgery Barts Medical School.

Danny Thomsett Digital Humans, CEO,UneeQ

Marie Johnson, Centre for Digital Business

Clinton Phillips, Founder & CEO, Medici

Rajeev Ronanki, SVP and Chief Digital Officer, Anthem

Ted Goldstein PhD, Chief A.I. Officer, Anthem Inc.

Kira Radinsky PhD, Co-founder, Diagnostic Robotics

xMed Participants “Scrubs Photo”

12:30 PM

Lunch, Beachside With Faculty & Topic Discussion Tables

12:40 PM

1:30 PM

Sessions II

Interactive, deep-dive parallel breakout sessions

3:00 PM

Session 18

Nutrition, Health And Food Of The Future

“Let Food be Thy Medicine” (Hippocrates). The science of nutrition is rapidly evolving, as are new forms of FoodTech. What are the implications for the environment, to prevention to treatment of disease.

William Li MD, Founder, Angiogenesis Foundation

3:40 PM

Session 19

Planetary, Global & Public Health

From climate change to pandemic disease, novel approaches are needed to address these grand challenges and to apply technologies that democratize and improve healthcare at a global level.

Moira Gunn, Tech Nation

Michelle A. Williams, SM, SD, Dean, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Paul Auerbach MD. Emeritus Professor. Stanford, Dept of Emergency Medicine. Founder, Wilderness Medical Society. Author of Enviromedics

Stephen Hunt MD PhD, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Break: Refresh & Recharge In The Innovation Lab

4:40 PM

5:10 PM

Session 20

The Things That Kill Us: #ThisIsOurLane

Clinicians and patients are increasingly becoming activists at the social and policy level on matters of public health addressing a range of issues including gun violence, vaccination rates and clinician well-being and burnout. Hear from those on the frontlines of hashtags making a difference.

Megan Ranney, MD MPH, Brown University Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Health Services, Policy & Practice. Chief Research Officer of American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine

Kristina Saffran. Co-founder and CEO, Project HEAL

Lori Boyle, BSN, MS, APRN. Nurses Who Vaccinate

Stephen Eisenberg, DO. Oncologist & Co-founder CPR for the Doctors Heart


Brothers Koren

6:10 PM

Session 21

The Things That Save Us: Mushrooms, Mycology & Medicine

A keynote from the world’s leading mycologist and medical researcher on the role of fungi in environmental and human health.

Paul Stamets, Founder, Fungi Perfect

7:00 PM

Session 22

MEDy (M.edical E.ntrepreneurship & D.isruption) Startup Awards

Selected winners share their innovative startups

  • Most Disruptive
  • One To Watch
  • Best Pitch
  • Most Likely to Scale

Beach Celebration, Dinner & Bonfire

7:30 PM

9:30 PM till late

Silent Disco

Day Four: Wednesday, November 7th

Breakfast In The Innovation Lab + Morning Activities:

Beach Run/Walk, Yoga, Meditation, Art

07:00 AM

9:00 AM

Session 23

Breakthrough, Follow Through and Systems Innovation: Lessons from Around The Globe:

What’s worked, what’s failed … implementing and scaling innovation is hard. This session will share examples of success, challenges, lessons learned, and implications of moving from What to How in cross-catalyzing and scaling progress around the world. .

Lucien Engelen, CEO, Transform Health

Shawna Butler RN, MBA. Nurse Economist. Singularity University

John Mattison MD, Assistant Medical Director, Chief Health Information Officer, Emeritus. Kaiser Permanente.

Robert Wah MD, Co-chair Health Information Tech Advisory Committee at HHS

Stretch & Connect / Discussion & Feedback

10:40 AM

Session 24

Reimagining Health Equity

Expanding Health Equity

What can organizations, individuals and society do to reduce disparities, and expand access and health equity throughout practice, process, and innovation?

Aletha Maybank MD MPH, Chief Health Equity Officer, AMA

Health Plan Innovation, What’s Next?

In an ever more connected, mobile, personalized and data-driven world, how are healthcare companies digitizing and reimagining their role across the healthcare continuum? A fireside chat with the CEO of Anthem.

Gail Boudreaux, CEO of Anthem Inc.

11:45 AM

Session 25

Healthcare Heroes

We are on the cusp of a dramatic transformation in healthcare. New technology, science and data is driving exponential advances in medicine to ultimately improve the lives of patients. Now more than ever we need healthcare’s unsung heroes, who are working with passion, purpose and determination to improve patient’s lives globally.

David Hunt, CEO West, Havas Health & You

Jessica Fogelsong MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mike Porath, Founder, The Mighty

Godfrey Nazareth, President & CEO, X-Biomedical

11:45 AM

Session 26

xMed Synthesis: Catalyzing and Building the Collaboratory of The Future

Jack Kreindler, MD Founder, The Centre for Health & Human Performance

Daniel Kraft MD, Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine

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