Leslie Paulson

General Manager, Caterpillar’s Sustainable Solutions Division

Leslie Paulson serves as General Manager within Caterpillar’s Sustainable Solutions Division with responsibilities for the division’s Industry Solutions group which includes Defense & Federal Products, Caterpillar Defence Products (UK), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Solutions, and Caterpillar Safety Services.

Leslie joined Caterpillar in 1989 and has held positions in engineering, manufacturing, strategic planning, human resources, IT, logistics and most recently, marketing. Prior to managing Industry Solutions, Leslie had been leading the transformation of our Technical Information Solutions (TIS) Department and the development of the next generation of Service Information System (SIS). She has also been very active with leading leadership development for women and advocating the opportunities associated with elevating innovation throughout the enterprise.

Leslie is a native of Eau Claire, Wisconsin although spending most of her years in Cobden, Illinois. She is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in mechanical engineering and also a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Bradley University. She is also a graduate of Caterpillar’s Executive Leadership Program Digging Deep with Stanford University. Leslie is an avid cook and has 4 ovens in her kitchen, one in her basement and one outside!

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