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Exponential Finance Innovation Lab

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June 7th - 9th
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The Innovation Lab is a platform to showcase your FinTech products in front of 400+ industry leaders and investors. We are looking for startups and established companies who are changing the future of finance and working to take on the world’s biggest challenges by developing the latest technologies.

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The Innovation Lab is a space for executives, investors, startups and large organizations to network, experience live demos and discover the latest product innovations that will shape the future of FinTech and how we do business.

We Are Now Accepting Applications For The 2017 Exponential Finance Innovation Lab

There is no cost to become a featured company at the 2017 Innovation Lab. Selected applicants will receive a lodging discount at The Marriott Marquis, NYC (limited quantities). Apply now to learn more.

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Deloitte drives progress. Our firms around the world help clients become leaders wherever they choose to compete. Deloitte invests in outstanding people of diverse talents and backgrounds and empowers them to achieve more than they could elsewhere. Our work combines advice with action and integrity. We believe that when our clients and society are stronger, so are we.

Suitable Technologies

The Beam™ SPS (Smart Presence System), which includes products BeamPro and Beam+, is a telepresence solution that combines mobility and video conferencing for an immersive communication experience everywhere conversations take place. Beam enables people to be there, and to interact naturally by seeing and being seen, hearing and being heard, and the freedom to move about, from anywhere in the world. Founded in 2011, Suitable Technologies products are designed and manufactured at its headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.

SU Innovation Lab

SU Labs is an open innovation campus where large organizations, startups and field impact partners come to use exponentially accelerating and converging technologies to create new sustainable business solutions and tackle the world’s most challenging problems.


Crowdfunder is the equity crowdfunding leader for sourcing and funding high-growth ventures with a network of over 130,000 entrepreneurs and investors.

Crowdfunder and its VC Index Fund provide the opportunity for direct online investment into single ventures, as well as diversification into a broad VC-led portfolio (Index Fund) of early-stage startups – backed by many of the world’s leading Venture Capital firms and private investors.


Augur, a peer-to-peer prediction market platform, has created the first online platform for a global market of predictions. Anybody can create a market for an event, and anyone can wager whether that event will occur or not. And instead of relying on an individual entity or API to report what has happened, Augur introduces to the world the first-ever distributed oracle system, using a token called “Reputation” (REP.) REP allows its holders to report on the outcome of events and be rewarded for doing so.

This is the future of forecasting.


Moven® is described by Wired, Forbes and the New York Times as a "bank of the future”. It's a whole new way to manage your money, beyond your bank account. The Moven account, card and app work together to help you track, understand and manage your spending. For smartphone users who struggle to manage their finances, Moven is an alternative to traditional bank deposit and payment products with high fees and little value. Moven’s mission is to help everyone improve their spending habits, by showing them how they’re spending, as they’re doing it. Being aware of where you stand all the time makes it easier to make good spending decisions day to day, and improve financial health over time.


Estimize is a crowdsourced financial estimates platform offering a true view of market expectations on 2,000+ stocks. Estimize earnings estimates are more accurate than Wall Street 74% of the time and are crowdsourced from 21,000 regular contributors across the buy and sell-side, private investors, subject matter experts and academics. Because we have a more representative set of market participants, we are the best whisper number available.


WorkFusion is the leading smart process automation solution for enterprise operations. Global businesses in data-intensive industries use WorkFusion to automate high-volume, labor-intensive business processes through a unique combination of workforce orchestration, robotic automation, and machine learning powered cognitive automation.

These capabilities enable enterprise customers to improve customer service, increase operational agility, and reduce costs.

Unlike traditional robotic automation (also called RPA), which automates only structured data actions at the desktop UI level, WorkFusion automates at the server level and automates both simple structured and complex unstructured data processes. Customers use WorkFusion to design and deploy business processes, and the software programmatically delegates discreet tasks to FTEs or cloud workers through graphical user interfaces. As workers perform data categorization and extraction tasks on WorkFusion’s interface, the platform quality controls each action and generates the pattern data needed to train machine learning algorithms to automate repetitive processes.

Born of out research in 2010 at MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), WorkFusion was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, has attracted some of the sharpest investors in the industry, and won Fortune 500 customers.


Andy is an Artificial Intelligent Tax Assistant. Andy uses *natural language processing* to understand the highly complex tax code and answer practical day-to-day financial issues.
Andy utilizes *deep machine learning* to automatically analyze credit card/ bank statements and other financial information to give a real-time dashboard of current tax liabilities. Andy saves the headaches and frustrations of tax season by automatically preparing tax return by the end of the year.
High net worth individuals already have access to personalized tax advice through CPAs and tax attorneys (both of which are labor-intensive and expensive). Andy’s vision is to make high-quality tax advice available to everyone.


Thinknum allows investors to get data driven investment ideas by monitoring companies' websites. Thinknum aggregates data from the web that provides unique insights into business drivers. Investors can analyze a company down to its basic building blocks such as individual products or specific locations (e.g. the average discount for Michael Kors vs Coach handbags across retailers). Thinknum has hundreds of clients including major investment firms and corporations.


Hedgeable is a private wealth platform that automates sophisticated investing for millennials with as little as $1 in 1 minute.

Hedgeable has innovated in wealth management by offering advanced portfolio customization, downside protection, account aggregation, bitcoin investing, impact investing, venture investing, and our alpha club rewards network.

Winner of Best of Show at Finovate 2015, Hedgeable is recognized as one of the most innovative fintech startups on the planet.


Bluzelle is the "Red Hat" of Blockchain - building applications that enable financial businesses to get the most of out of this break-through technology. Taking a best in breed approach, Bluzelle is protocol agnostic providing the optimal blockchain solution for specific banking problems. It's suite allows for efficient cross border payments and financial inclusion of the world's 4 Billion Underbanked.

Bluzelle empowers communities with their own payment networks leading to better living.

Credit Dream

Credit Dream is a solution for the problem of access to credit in developing countries. People in Brazil, for example pay 290% in credit cards, 400% in bank loans and 600% in sharkloans. It´s abusive!

We can make it 10x cheaper for the consumer and a with a 10x better user experience. By using the blockchain, we can connect investors from any country to borrowers in any country, having access to lower cost sources of capital. Also, our app and digital only channels will reduce costs and provide a better user experience.

The competition will drive prices down and include the billions of consumers that are coming online for the first time in developing nations. Our dream is to connect the credit markets of the world and provide Universal access to credit through smartphones. Come dream with us!

Bridge by Deloitte

Financial Services firms are under extreme pressure to assemble all the pieces of the innovation puzzle and build the company of the future. The ability to efficiently identify, understand, track, and collaborate with startups is mission critical. To succeed in the new reality that is financial services, incumbent firms need a coordinated response to speed up their transformation. Bridge partners with enterprises to design custom end-to-end sensing and support solutions that enable teams and businesses to unlock their innovation potential and accelerate adoption of new trends. Bridge sensing as a service is powered by our online platform, dedicated global team, specialized datasets and an external ecosystem that combine to drive transformative innovation across large organizations.


Koho is a modern banking platform designed for millennials. With no monthly fee, Koho offers all the core features of a bank account, plus things like automatic savings, real time updates, budgeting and more. Underneath Koho is a platform which allows repeatable engagements, rapid iterations and scales across economic spectrums. 

Bitwage, Inc.

With communication becoming easier everyday, we are seeing more companies turning to distributed workforces. However, the companies used for paying workforces are either too focused on domestic (ADP/Gusto) or not focused enough on workforces (Wires/Paypal). Bitwage combines mobile, cloud and blockchain to make international workforce management fast, simple and easy. We take 4-15 day processes that cost up to 8% down to same/next-day processes as cheap as 1%.

Code Valley

Code Valley is a software development technology that heralds a new era in software engineering. In it, software programs are no longer written, they are built by a global, peer-to-peer network of intricately co-operating programs, each one created and owned by a software developer. These specialist programs – Vendors – are the key to this technology and operate using the principle of 'design-contributions,' which allow a developer to apply their expertise to a project without revealing it.

A developer can now earn a living as a specialist by creating one of these Vendors and deploying it in the Code Valley marketplace where it will go to work for its developer, capable of delivering thousands of design-contributions to thousands of projects, and collecting thousands of payments, all in the space of mere minutes. Creating complex software is now fast and easy – one merely selects its features and the marketplace goes to work.


Plaid is a technology platform that lets applications connect with users’ bank accounts. Our suite of APIs provides high-quality transaction data, makes it easier to authenticate accounts, and delivers comprehensive analytics.

Our focus is on lowering the barriers to entry in financial services by making it easier and safer to use financial data. We build beautiful consumer experiences, user-friendly infrastructure, and intelligence tools that give everyone the ability to develop the future of financial services.


MaxMyInterest offers an online solution that helps individual investors and their financial advisors earn dramatically more on the cash portion of their portfolios, while keeping that cash safe. Max works by linking an individual’s existing brick-and-mortar checking or brokerage account with higher-yielding online savings accounts at some of the leading online banks in the U.S. Max monitors interest rates daily, and uses proprietary algorithms to parcel out funds among these banks in a manner that maximizes both yield and deposit insurance, even as rates change. Through this system, clients are earning approximately 10x more interest, with deposit insurance coverage of up to US$5 million per couple.

AIREX Market

The AIREX™ Market is the first and only independent, cloud-based marketplace for on-demand access to financially actionable applications, information, and reports - Financial AIR™ - for investors.

The AIREX Market creates efficient distribution and purchasing channels between suppliers of Financial AIR™ and investors, including hedge funds, family offices, wealth advisors, asset managers, analysts, actuaries, traders and other people interested in financially-related information.


HandUp lets you donate directly to homeless people and others in need in your neighborhood. We ensure that 100% of your donation goes toward basics like food, medical care, and housing through our nonprofit partners. HandUp launched in August 2013 and is currently based in San Francisco.


Remesh was built to make engaging, empowering, and understanding large groups of people fast, accurate, and easy. Our platform achieves this by using artificial intelligence to automate the labor-intensive aspects of people research and bridge the gap between quantitative and qualitative data. In the financial sector, understanding a large group of people -- consumers, farmers, drivers, etc -- before the market generates alpha. Remesh empowers companies to do statistically significant people research in realtime; from clients and customers to their own employees.

EyeVerify Inc.

Unlock every opportunity with Eyeprint ID(TM) - created by EyeVerify Inc. One look opens mobile devices, logs you into apps and secures your mobile payments.

Eyeprint ID transforms an ordinary selfie into a key that protects your digital life. This patented, software-only biometric solution is 99.99% accurate and extremely scalable. In less than one second, with no add-on hardware, employees and customers will experience password-free mobility and convenient, secure, private authentication.

Arria NLG

Arria NLG’s core product is known as the Arria NLG Platform, a form of artificial intelligence software that specializes in extracting information from complex data sources and communicating that information in natural language. Arria NLG configures the Platform for a wide range of client needs; it also offers its technology as pre-packaged SaaS Products and as a Software Development Kit (SDK) with APIs that allow developers to add NLG functionality to their own applications.